IT TAKES FOREVER TO FINISH A PRODUCT: My latest accomplishments

Hit Pan Beauty Items 2
If it’s your first time getting a glimpse of my beauty vanity, you’d probably conclude that I have enough products to stock a small boutique. You’d be right at that too. The joy and curiosity of trying new products sometimes, okay maybe very often, overrides the practicality of finishing up each and every jar and bottle. Funny enough, I do consider myself a kind of sample store for any friends who are curious in a beauty product and I always have a little stash of jars ready to scoop samples. Yet on the rare occasion that I finish a product practically all by myself, this calls for a proper celebration!
Andalou FRESH SkinInc Skincare

Of all things, I think skincare is probably the first item that gets used and replaced frequently because we use it twice a day, day in day out. But as someone who likes to have options (hey, variety is the spice of life right?) it actually takes me a surprisingly long time to see the bottom of a jar.

My latest accomplishments  however have been two face creams and a deluxe sample skin serum. First up the Andalou Probiotic +C Renewal Cream (reviewed) is something I stored away for the winter but have since fallen back in love with it and quickly hit bottom since the weather warmed up. The light texture is perfect for layering and even more perfect for fickle combination skin like mine. Now the FRESH Creme Ancienne* (reviewed) is something I never thought I’d see the bottom of, granted it’s 100ml, however between a sample given to my best friend and naughtily indulging in this all over my neck and chest, I can proudly announce that there’s only about a week left in this jar also. My motto with this luxury is, why be stingy when it has an expiry date? I’ve had a well deserving winter fling with this and would gladly have it back in my life in the future. Lastly,  I’ve working to the last bits of a deluxe sample of SkinInc’s Anti-aging Serum* for an upcoming review. Don’t you just love these sizes? Enough to get a real feel for the product without the looming pressure of having to use it up fast!

Hit Pan Beauty Items 3
Now with three products set to clear from my vanity, I’m already plotting their replacements but that is for another post and another day. But one thing I’d love to know is, how long does it take you to finish up a beauty product? Especially skincare? Share your experience (and maybe some funny stories) down below!

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