LIFESTYLE: Blogilates 1 Month Workout Update & Thoughts

Did you actually see this day coming? Two weeks ago I finally finished my one month fitness routine, the first in a very long time to getting myself on some kind of regular, scheduled workout plan. If you recall my last post on the subject, I was feeling terribly sluggish for weeks and really wanted to get back into an energized state. Plus, it inevitably came to my attention that all the lovely vintage sewing projects I’ve been working on are now stretching a little thin so shedding an inch or two all the way around was in order.

There were plenty of options to choose from but since I didn’t have much knowledge to sort out a balanced plan myself, I turned to Youtuber Cassey Ho’s Blogilates Beginners workout routine to get warmed up to the feel of things. Between the groaning, moaning and sore abs, here’s my thoughts on the program and my progress!

A quick look at the details of the calendar and you’ll find it doesn’t look too hard but as I said, don’t underestimate those harmless looking pilates positions! (The amount of times I’ve just tipped and rolled over on my mat is proof enough.) The first week was definitely the hardest, not only because everything was new but rather that it’s a process to getting reacquainted with all the muscles I forgot I had. (Oh hello there hip flexors!) Overall, I’m glad I got started this way as it was an easy to merge back into a routine. I’m still moving forward on her June calendar as of now but I’m definitely looking to expand the experience so do leave me your fitness recommendations!

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