Diving into luxury hair products – Oribe, Bumble Bumble, Pureology

oribe bumble purology haircare A
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair. Yet lately my attention has frequently been diverted to the haircare side of Sephora. Now all this hair on my head usually ends up in one of two situations; a lopsided ponytail or a 10 minute messy curl (this one is much more likeable). But on the days when my hair falls just right and swishes nicely as I walk, I feel extra sassy. So in attempt to keep the sass, I’ve been indulging a little in the luxury side of haircare.

First up, I’ve been stalking the Bumble and Bumble line of products for years. My stylist Kazue uses them every time I go in for a cut and my hair would have that perfect “I woke up like this” look for days (of course until I have to reluctantly wash it down the drain). I decided to start off small and picked up the Does It All Styling Spray which is a heat protecting, light holding, brushable setting mist for all your daily needs. It sounded great for those days I’m not into layering a ton of product and just want something quick, easy, done. Next came the Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray I picked up at IMATS after being generously misted by the sales lady at the booth. Not only did it smell delicious (and I assume this would be exactly what JLO smells like on the regular as the range was created by her stylist), I loved how it gave my curled hair great definition without feeling gritty or sticky. In the bag it went. Lastly, in a new experimental hair routine, I’ve been testing the Pureology Precious Oil* as a hair conditioning treatment in lieu of conditioner on days where I am just not in the mood to smother myself in thick heavy products. It’s formulated to be super versatile as a pre-treatment, hair mask booster or a styling aid. More experimentation is still in progress but I’m sure loving that my hair smells amazing every day.

So for all you hair masters out there, what is your favourite high end hair product or what hair item makes you feel extra sassy? I want to know!


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