How to treat large pores (Post Acne) | Video

I could still remember a time when my skin was poreless, I was about 9 years old and I still look back at those photos with great fondness. The realities of puberty and a case of mild (but persistent) acne may have come and gone but pores are now one of my major skincare fusses. And from the great uproar of responses on some of my Instagram postings, it seems I’m not alone!

Throughout the years, I’ve been the test subject of many pore tightening, diminishing and treatment products in an attempt to balance this part of my beauty routine and in this video I’ve distilled all that experience into some helpful tips so you can make better peace with your skin.

Now years of exposure to advertising may have you thinking a few of my tips sound counter intuitive. But if there’s one single marketing bubble I wish I’d popped sooner, it’s the trend of extensively drying out your skin in an attempt to shrink pore size. All this is very temporary and in the long run will have a high chance of dehydrating your skin or worse yet causing your skin to produce more oil to compensate for the surface dryness you’ve caused. Just don’t go there.

All in all, everyone has pores. It’s nothing to be ashamed about even if yours are larger but you do deserve to take proper care of care of them! Don’t forget to share with me your nuggets of wisdom and if you share any of my pore philosophies.


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