Wardrobe Architect: Fashion Basics Haul Video | April

Deep into the thick of the Wardrobe Architect Challenge, a year long wardrobe consolidating and sewing project, today’s update takes a bit of a different turn. Since February’s closet clear out it’s become quite evident that I’m in serious need of some wardrobe basics. Nothing flashy, nothing grand but basic and functional pieces that I can pull as a foundation for an outfit any time of the year.
Sheinside Coat Westcoast Vancouver blogger4
Sheinside Coat Westcoast Vancouver blogger

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Now in the grand scheme of things this is just the tip of the ice berg. I’m still looking for a few pairs of perfect denim (being petite doesn’t make that part any easier), my first grown up white shirt (nope, still don’t own any) and a few other tidbits to ground my wardrobe. On a side note, I’m finally finished 1 of my 4 original spring sewing pieces and I think it’d be just darling with this textured grey coat. Have you been adding anything new to your closet lately? Let me know!

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