Favourite Things #16 | March & April Edition


  • ANASTASIA | Brow Wiz Pencil | Reviewed
  • BOURJOIS | So Glossy Nail Polish in “Adora-Bleu”
  • REAL TECHNIQUES | Expert Face Brush
  • SAJE AROMATHERAPY | Nebulizer Diffuser*
  • SAJE AROMATHERAPY | Cloud Nine Diffuser Blend* (oil)
  • SALI HUGHES BEAUTYYoutube Channel
March and April came and went in such a blur that I’m still trying catch up with it. With all the makeup spring cleaning I’ve been doing lately, there hasn’t been much new makeup discoveries to say the least so I relied on a few trusty staples to get me through the weeks. The Anastasia Brow Wiz for one, has been a daily savior. One a side note, life has also picked up pace which inversely means less sleep (who made up these rules anyways?) so I’ve been looking for little way to de-stress and remain sane in the thick of things. Coincidentally, I attended a local beauty event by Saje Wellness just in March and was introduced to their aromatherapy system which has made such a difference! A little ambiance and a cup of tea with Sali Hughes is literally what’s been keeping me together the last few weeks.  
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to start on this new Blogilates business….more on this later this week. Enjoy the video, stay sane!


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