Unboxing: Birchbox Beauty | Rifle Paper & Co. Edition

Remember the days before beauty box as a familiar term in your everyday vocabulary? It couldn’t have been more than a couple of years ago when I first heard the term and was instantly excited about the concept. The year was 2010 and the name was Birchbox. As one of the first beauty box services in North America, it was an USA exclusive shipping only to the lucky beauty lovers down south. This year however, Birchbox has officially announced its Canadian service and I’ve even got a special box to show you.
BIRCHBOX | Beauty Box
Box shown: Rilfe Paper & Co. Box*
Price: $10 CAD + 4.95 S&H monthly | $100CAD pre-paid yearly (free S&H)
Fun Fact: Cool collaborations and fun exclusive premium LE boxes from time to time
Availability: Canada & USA
Website: www.birchbox.ca

A quick refresher on beauty boxes for joining me for the first time: These are monthly beauty subscription services (like you would a magazine or membership) which sends you a selection of beauty items to try every month based on a preference survey you submit. The constant rotation of beauty products lets you keep things fresh in your beauty routine and discover something new every time.

After all these years in the business, one of the things that makes Birchbox stand out is it’s collaborations with so very cool people. Specifically, April’s box was a special project with Rifle Paper & Co. , a design house based out of Florida whom I have been (stalking) following extensively for the past year. Designer Anna Bond creates beautiful vintage inspired artwork that is kitschy, fun and sure to perk up your day. In fact, I love her work so much that in addition to collecting it, I’ve even used it in a DIY tutorial over on my Youtube channel.

Inspired by Japanese wood block paintings, Caribbean colours and Mexican folk motifs, this box is pink and coral themed with sprigs of fresh greenery all in Anna’s signature stylized hand.


  • BEAVER | Nutritive Shampoo & Conditioner | Retail at full size: $19 & $20
    • Mild shampoo to gently cleanser and amino acid rich conditioner to strengthen and repair. It’s a soft and pretty very light floral scent and the shampoo even looks to be pH balanced.
  • BEE-KIND | Shower Gel | Retail at full size: $19
    • Made with honey and calendula extras, both know to be great and moisturizing for the skin, this has a slightly zingy citrus scent and dispenses as a clear gel/liquid.
  • JELLY PONG PONG | Glow Getter Highliter | Retail at full size: $16.50
    • Formulated into a weightless gel, this is meant to skin a subtle pearlescent shimmer. I did a quick swatch on my hand and while it comes out an intense liquid metal rose gold/champagne colour, it blends out quickly into a fairy dust effect.
  • MEREADESSO | All-in-One Moisturizer | Retail at full size: $120
    • Created as an one step formula with anti-aging day/night cream, serum, eye cream, toner and primer benefits this sounds almost too good to be true. While I’m usually not easily swayed by these multipurpose products I must say that the list of great natural ingredients (grape, apple, white tea just to name a few) caught me by surprise and in a very good way.
Note: This was a special PR send so I did not have any survey done for the selection of products. However, when you sign up for your own, products will vary depending on your preferences.





Excited yet?  Not only are there products to try but this limited collection box is definitely a keepsake. In fact, I may need to shuffle some space to proudly display it on my desk for a while. Who knows, maybe I can even use it to store some of my other beauty samples. If you don’t want to miss out on the next collaboration and surprise set of goodies, consider signing up for your very own box. Have you been a fan of beauty boxes? Let me know!

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