Review: ImPRESS Ultra Shine Accent Nails | Kiss Nails

A little snazzy nail art on your hand is now just about as common as putting on a beautiful shade of lipstick but for those who still can’t get themselves sorted around a brush, false nails with beautifully designed accents might be just what you need. I, for one, am still working on getting my two hands to match up and am far away from any legitimate art on my nails. And with the great success of the Gel Fantasy press on manicure that I adored, I was so excited to try these spring editions from the Broadway Nails imPRESS collection.

Brand: Broadway Nails
Product: imPress Ultra Shine Gel Nails* (Waterproof)
Style: 4 Styles
Price: $10.99 CAD
Availability: Drugstores Nationwide (Walmart, London Drugs on Westcoast)
Would I (re)purchase: Probably not.

Meant to help you get trendy in a snap, each package comes with 30 various sized high shine nails in a rounded square tipped finish plus 6 individual accent nails to create a coordinated or unique look depending on how you want to wear them. There are options for a more sophisticated colour palette or a glitter neon manicure if you’re feeling the mood. 

In addition to the nail pieces, a miniature one time use file as well as an alcohol prep pad are included to help you along. Now these claim to be a revolutionary technology which allows for a very secure waterproof hold with a gap free seal. The glue is already applied to the bottom of the nail piece in the form of a thick sticker. Choose the right size for each finger, layer them out, prep your natural nails, peel and stick on your new trendy ones.
As far as the application itself, this was incredibly simple. The glue was very secure and had enough thickness to really contour around your natural nail bed for a pretty comfortable fit without any nails accidentally popping off. The nails themselves were thin (compared to the Gel Fantasy) and flexible so in function they felt very natural! The perimeter of the nail which fits over the cuticle is actually tapered and thinned out for a seamless fit. 
Note that because of the manufacturing process of the nail pieces, some may have a small tab of plastic at the end which ideally should be filed off and smoothed after application. For those with super sharp eyes, there is a number on the bottom of each nail denoting it’s size. I found this a little distracting because you can not get rid of it but if most of what everyone sees are the tops of your hands, it shouldn’t be too distracting from the over all look. It’s not what I would have preferred but it’s certainly not a deal breaker.
The design and colours from each set were so perfectly matched, from the glitter accents to the bohemian patterns, it was sharp, bright and detailed. I have not trimmed the nails at all (in these photos) and I have rather small hands so I would call these a practical short to medium length.

Now my major gripes with these press on nails are not about the quality of the nail themselves but the application and sizing. For one, since these nails come with the sticker already applied I could not trim the excess sticker (again, small hands equals small nail beds) and instead had sticker residue under my faux nails which tended to attract everything from dust to bits of gosh knows what. The glue also did not come up to the cuticle edge of the nail piece and so there tended to be small gap between my natural nails and these faux ones. Secondly, the nail sizes jump quite a bit from one number to another so it was hard to find a perfectly fitting nail for a few fingers. As you can see (below), some of the edge just didn’t quite meet together.


Undoubtedly fun and on trend, the imPRESS Ultra Shine Accent Nails are a quick and fun way to dress up your look. The application is practically fool proof that I can do this with my eyes closed. The quality of the nail itself and the glue were great for a comfortable yet strong hold. However, these are still not my top choice for wearing more than a quick night out. Small details such as the pre-glued tabs and some sizing issues really take away from the long term likableness of these nails in my personal life. I wouldn’t hesitate reaching for these in a rush but for a similar price the Gel Fantasy version are still my favourite.


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