Lifestyle: On finding nature in your 20s

If you’re ever a traveler on the road the first thing you often notice, whether driving down the dusty road or a congested highway is the license plate in front of you. Ours say “Beautiful British Columbia”.

Nature was something I hardly understood as a child. My memories of it were fleeting at best. The wet grass beneath my feet on a spring day when my mother would let me take off my sandals in the park. The dusty haze of summer riding my bike along the beach. The tiny flecks of snow sticking to my hair like miniature crystals. I never took a second glance.

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher
                                                                             – William Wordsworth

It wasn’t until my 20s that I began to open myself more to nature. Maybe it was a new found sense of maturity, maybe it was the strain of everyday life but it is as if suddenly, I saw with my being rather than my eyes alone. Surrounded by vast coastal mountains and tall dominating forests, this is a place with infinite adventure but only if you seek to understand it. No more than a 30 minute drive from anywhere in this bustling metropolis, you can find solitude among the fresh thrush brushing your leg, the scent of conifers filling your lungs and the tread of your footsteps silenced by the soft padded earth. For this fleeting moment, this is all yours.


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