The Spring Haircut

Spring time is the season for many new beginnings and after a long winter hibernation, it was time for a hair update as well. For the past few years, I’ve usually stuck to a 2-3 times a year haircut routine; once in the spring/summer, once in winter/holidays and sometime a spur of the moment salon visit sometime in between.
This time, I decided to try my luck in the chic downtown residential area, a place called Sakura Salon (Vancouver) which is small space run by 4 lovely Japanese ladies. With only 4 chairs and 2 washing stations the atmosphere was none the less airy and inviting. Walking into my morning appointment the salon was already filled with customers; an elderly lady getting her hair set for the week, a middle aged woman getting a perm and another understated stylish woman getting a precise geometric bob.
Length: Before – After
Without my usual arsenal of photos and ideas, I sat in the chair with my bubbly short haired stylist Chieri who suggest cleaning up my (now straggly) grown out layers, loosing a few inches at the bottom and creating a more natural looking healthy and full style.
“Go for it” I said.
She sectioned my hair swiftly and with a confident snip, cut into my long hair. After a dry cut with regular and texturizing shears, I had a quick washing session, a much needed shoulder/neck massage and a bouncy yet natural blowout. No tools, no fuss. Just some Moroccan oil to prep, a round brush and some shine spray.
555 Bute Street, Vancouver
Stylist: Chieri
Woman’s Cut (wash & style): $42CAD (tax incld.)
The final result was a casual style that’s more polished than before but still preserving the thickness of my hair while while giving me some photo shoot worthy bounce. From the longest length, I’ve probably lost no more than 4 inches. Now I’m not sure if this is some magic Japanese stylist skill (as my other Japanese stylist did this too) but I adore the way that she was able to create this slightly wavy/soft curl in my hair with single small boar bristled brush (no ceramic, no curling irons). I’d say, money well spent. Highly recommend this place for a quick and efficient haircut if you’re not looking for the bells and whistles of a fancy shop front. Besides, take your savings and treat yourself to one of the (way too) many hipster coffee houses down the street.

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