Review: Dermalogica | MultiVitamin Thermafoliant

Die hard skincare snobs will know it simply by its clean silver packaging and no nonsense products but today I’m here to show you one of Dermalogica’s lesser talked about products. With the dry powdered Micro-foliant hogging the spotlight, this very different Multi-vitamin Thermafoliant is actually what I’ve been using for the past few months and here’s what you need to know.

Brand: Dermalogica
Product: Multi-Vitamin Thermafoliant*
Size: 75ml
Price: $54 USD
Availability: Dermalogical Offices, Select Salons/Spas/Skincare Retailers
Would I (re)purchase: Probably.

As its name makes clear, this Thermafoliant is marketed as a combination of skin nourishing vitamins along with a powerful exfoliator and is currently part of their Pro-Age line which helps skin age gracefully. Housed in a small and convenient plastic squeeze tube with a flip top lid; this look says function, not fancy. The consistency is almost that of an exfoliating balm which also has slight self-heating function when in contact with water (wet skin). It’s recommend to be used on damp skin but for those who just can’t get enough, it can also be used (carefully) on dry skin for maximum effect. In a consistent routine, I’d use it 2x a week although if you use other mildly exfoliating products you can step it down to once a week.

As an exfoliator for ridding your skin of dead skin cells or flaky skin (I get them all year around and it’s most annoying), the Thermalfoliant is brilliant. Very fine grains are mixed into the balm-like base and makes for a long lasting plus incredibly effective scrub. I love that Dermalogica decided against those mostly useless large silica beads/jojoba beads and instead put in something that has a nice fine grit. Even better, I does not dissolve when in contact with water so you can take your time for a slow and thorough job. The balm actually contains a cocktail of fruit and plant oils/extracts such as olive, soybean, licorice and Damascus rose just to name a few. The entire experience just felt more soothing and purposeful and I actually found myself not needing to exfoliate quite as often after a good session with this.

With a bit of an over achiever mentality, Thermafoliant is also loaded with a heavy dose of chemical exfoliating ingredients such as lactic acid, salicylic acid and retinol (a very common anti-aging additive). Now as great at it sounds as a dual functioning product, the reality is that I’m unsure about the true effectiveness of these chemicals when left on the skin for such a short period of time and then washed off straight down the drain. While all three are known to be effective at clearing out pores and even reducing fine lines when used in skincare, I wouldn’t count on it for any major anti-aging effects.

As for the self-heating aspect? I’ve seen it in many cleansing products before and in my experience its completely gimmicky although fun for the first 5 seconds before it quickly dissipates. It adds no real value to scrub and Dermalogica really could have done without it altogether along with the potentially irritating lemon and clove oil.


From a pure performance perspective, the Demalogica Multi-Vitamin Thermafoliant delivers excellent results with it’s very fine grains of physical exfoliant blended into a soothing balm like base. I love that the consistency and scrubbing particals stays put until I’m thoroughly finished and want to rinse it off myself instead of quickly melting away like many other exfoliants I’ve used before. This is particularity excellent for those with uneven skin texture that they’d like to improve (this is forehead for me) or those with more mature skin looking to buff away flaky skin and soften the look of a few experience lines. For those with acne or active break outs, this is likely not for you and I’d recommend the gentler Microfoliant option instead. Does it have its flaws? Yes. But it’s truly one of the best textured and performing non-natural scrubs (no walnut shell powder here) that I’ve used to date and while I won’t be out buying it again straight away due to it’s premium price, I’m going to treasure every last bit of this tube.


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