Wardrobe Architect | Spring-Summer Sewing Reveal! | March

Well, things are getting real around here. In March’s Wardrobe Architect Challenge update, I’m finally ready to reveal to y’all the items I’ve selected to sew as part of my spring and summer wardrobe additions. The goal was to beef up my wardrobe with practical yet stylish options so that I can (hopefully) dress the part without even thinking. If you’ve only got good things in your closet, it’s hard to dress badly right?

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I mulled over the choices for my first sewing items with great concentration and a dash of apprehension. Since it’s been a good long time since I’ve sat properly at a sewing machine stitching away at a garment, I did not want to cut off more than I can sew. In my younger years, sewing was more of a novelty and I often made less than impressive quick fix pieces that were never worn that often. This time around, with a little more maturity and a more definite goal in mind, I wanted to focus on good craftsmanship, quality fabrics and unique designs that make excited to put them on. And if you’ve been jamming with me on Instagram, you’d have seen a few sneak peaks of a top I’ve underway. Wish me luck!

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