Video: How to Spring Clean your Makeup!

As you may have noticed, this bunny has taken a small blogging vacation and you may wonder, what did I do during all this time? Well, spring cleaning of course! I am one of those (strange) self professed people who love to clean, in fact I can not function in a messy space and my concentration just goes goes out the window.

While I was in the zone, I thought a little beauty and makeup destashing was in order and I spent quite a couple of days going through my entire arsenal of products. Of course there are all kinds of theories and guides on when you should throw out your makeup but let’s be honest here, I’m not letting go of that limited edition eyeshadow palette or that $60 foundation that easily. If you didn’t now this already, beauty bloggers tend to develop acute hoarding tendencies (give me all the sparkles!). While the process was messy and sometimes painful, I’m now feeling refreshed and to top of things again! 
Now what have y’all be up to lately?

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