Wardrobe Architect | Closet Cleanup & Colour Palette | February

Who knew such a small thing could be so overwhelming? February’s Wardrobe Architect Challenge task of closet clean out and colour palette choices were exhausting to say the least. Admittedly I’ve spent many days in the past year opening my closet, seeing things on the hangers yet feeling like I have nothing great to wear so perhaps a proper inventory is longer overdue. Though bits of this and that, what I found really missing in my wardrobe were key staple pieces to pull all my individual loves together. Can you believe I only have 1 pair of tights, no white shirts or any actual pants other than denim? Since I’m not one for layering, it also seems like building up my accessories collection is another direction to consider but the finer details of which I still have to figure out.
On the other hand, choosing my wardrobe colour palette was much more fun (though no less difficult). What it really came down to was the toss up between which colours I loved versus which colours looked most compatible with my complexion. I did manage to get some help by digging through my makeup drawer and looking for my favourite makeup colours to get a guideline and the hardware store trip to go paint chip collection was a welcomed mini adventure. 
If you missed February’s worksheets, catch up on Coletterie (here and here).
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What I am most excited to show you however, are my spring sewing plans which I shall reveal in detail next week as March was all about project planning. I’ve actually worked ahead and even bought some fabric so stay tuned to see what I’ll add to my spring wardrobe!

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