Review: Velvet Kiss (Baiser Velour) Matte Liquid Lipcolour | Lise Watier

There’s something irrevocably captivating about lipstick and I’ve recently been introduced to a truly seductive lip colour that will have people turning heads. Think chic black turtleneck with a luxurious bright lip, strong brows and sunglasses wrapped in a cashmere scarf. Say hello to Lise Watier’s latest innovation, Velvet Kiss (Baiser Velour) lipstick.
Brand: Lise Watier
Product: Baiser Velour Matte Lipcolour*
Colours: Passion Kiss, Sweet Kiss, Love Kiss (9 colours total)
Size: 6ml
Price: $27 CAD
Availability: London Drugs, Shoppers Drugs Mart, Lise Watier Online
Would I (re)purchase: Probably yes.

Housed in a sleek smokey grey tube with a pointed flocked applicator, Velvet Kiss is advertised to offer the coverage and intensity of a lipstick combined with the ease of use of a gloss. The product itself has a rich, creamy yet whipped consistency and bang on colour that is not shy to steal that second glance when walking down the street. Many have noted the similarities to the NYX Matte Lip Creams but these are slightly more emollient when wet and feel texturally richer during application. They have a very slight indistinguishable scent to them which doesn’t linger once you have it on your lips.

With 9 kissable shades in the range, I completely fell in love with the deeper sophisticated colour that is Passion Kiss which is a gorgeous raspberry that will fit a variety of skin tones from light to deep. (Seriously, you can not go wrong with raspberry.) On lighter skin like mine, the effect is casual French chic which can elevate your everyday jeans and t-shirt style or take you to a glamorous soiree all in one day.

Do note that since the colours are so richly saturated and full coverage in one swipe, you will need to be precise and careful while defining your lip contours but a slow and steady stroke will impart a gorgeous finish and really help to sculpt your lip shape. For a full on colour lover like me, these are certainly something to get excited about!

Top – Bottom | Passion Kiss (darker in real life), Sweet Kiss, Love Kiss

While these Baiser Velour lipsticks demand attention, they also demand quite a bit of prep work to get it right. Exfoliation and a thick balm mask prior to using these are highly recommended as they do dry to a soft matte finish which will enhance flaky skin. On the bright side, I haven’t noticed any cracking (often associated with long wearing lip products) or feathering once these are on and they will last an impressive 5 hours with minor fading and only a slight transfer.

Your biggest trade off for such high impact colour is the comfort factor. These feel perfectly tolerable for 2-3 hours after which you will start noticing dryness and the growing urge to want to smooth balm over your lips. There is a way to carefully rehydrate lips with balm and then blot before reapplying Velvet Kiss but it does take an extra 5 minutes to touch up. This is not my kind of everyday lipstick.


A truly beautiful and glamorous creamy matte lip colour, the Lise Watier Baiser Velour Velvet Kiss Lipcolour is a rare find. While it’s not a perfect formula, I highly recommend picking up one of the deeper rich shades for special occasions where you really want to turn heads and make an entrance. (Hey, go big or go home right?) Great for colour lovers and a good collectable for matte lipstick lovers as well, it rises above similar products with it’s creamier application and long lasting finish. And while it’s not worth having them all, you will certainly be glad you have one in your arsenal.


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