Review: Clarisonic | Sonic Radiance Skincare & Aria (vs. MIA) + video

For many of us, skincare is always a constant battle. For myself, the years of dissatisfaction with my skin was what led to me to blogging in the first place. But even with the ups and downs of my skin and the beauty products along the way there is one thing that has remained consistent over the last 5 years.

The Clarisonic cleansing tool is one that I have talked about on many occasions, in fact it my initial review video is still one of my most viewed Youtube videos ever. I had originally purchased the travel sized MIA which has faithfully stayed by my side the past few years and over the past holiday season I was lucky enough to get the new Sonic Radiance Skincare set from Clarisonic as well as the sleek updated Aria cleansing tool.

Brand: Clarisonic
Product: Aria Skin Cleansing Tool & Sonic Radiance Brightening Skincare Kit*
Price: $265-310 CAD (pricing varies between Sephora & Clarisonic Website)
Availability: AMORE Pacific Shops, eBay, select Asian retails online.
Details: This boxed set comes with everything together (skincare & Aria) but all can be purchased separately or as refills.
Would I repurchase: AM Cleanser (maybe), PM Cleanser (no), Aria (if needed, yes).
Availability: Sephora & Clarisonic Online

A quick side by side comparison between the Aria (MIA3) and the MIA original. They both take the same type of brush heads and there are a plethora of different brush head bristles to choose from whether you have delicate skin, normal or large pores just to name a few. The size difference seems minimal in your hands but the Aria is slightly larger and has a more modernized slender shape. With that being said, I’d still consider both of them travel sized when compared to the full sized Clarisonic Plus edition.

When it comes to the Sonic Radiance Skincare, I found it to be an effective product but not quite well rounded compared to other similar (and often more inexpensive) options I have on hand. You can see the before and after photographs of about roughly 5-6 weeks of usage with the the 3 piece kit, coupled with a non-brightening moisturizer (as the kit does not include a cream) and the regular use of the Aria together.

Note that the lighting is slightly different in in the two photos as I had to work around Mother Nature and her weather moods but you can see the slight improvement on my forehead area as well some overall brightening. What thing that it lacked for me however was that it did not help with breakouts or redness whereas other brightening products I’ve used were more multi-functional.

As a skincare tool, I still am and continue to be impressed by the Clarisonic and the Aria is a welcomed upgrade to my basic MIA. When used on the delicate speed setting I can actually use this daily or even in the mornings as well without causing sensitivity. I’m still not a huge fan of the radiance brush head however as I found it too splayed for that deep scrub I crave so I will be going back to my regular brushes. As a full skincare range however, I feel that Clarisonic can still improve the textural and multi-funtional quality of their products for a more premium feel, especially since you are paying that premium price. The Sonic Radiance Collection does work and if you plan on getting the Aria to begin with it would be a great value however, I would not splurge on the skincare alone as I have more needs than what it can serve.


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