Review: Topshop | Powder Blusher "Do it again"

Branded as the hip young thing from the UK, Topshop’s arrival in Canada in 2011 was surrounded with much excitement. For a makeup lover like myself however, the real draw was their adorable looking makeup collection that I’ve been lusting from the all too many British blogger raves I’ve watched on Youtube.

Now I must say that beyond the impressive wall of nail polish, I actually don’t think Canadian stores stock the full range of core and/or limited edition beauty products offered by Topshop. Their highly boasted lipstick rack looks a little sparse and the makeup section just looked scaled down overall. Not one to loose a good chance, I did snag a powder blusher for my collection.

Brand: Topshop
Product: Powder Blusher
Colour: “Do it again” (limited colour selection in Canada)
Size: 4grams
Price: $12CAD
Availability: Topshop stores
Would I repurchase: Undecided.

If you’re one for looks, then this Topshop packaging probably had you at first glance. The black cardboard box has a charming doodle of the compact inside and even the font is not your usual serious Serif. The compact itself is surprisingly weighty and is made of off white plastic. A mirror is included under the lid for easy application and quick touch ups on the go.

I was only able to find 2 blushers on the shelves and decided that Do It Again would be a nice perky shade for spring and summer looks. This medium toned peachy pink blusher has a fine light golden shimmer and is very true to colour once applied on the skin. One swipe will give you a soft peach cheek with a dusting of shimmer (which is visible) and a few more layers can warm you up to a nearly sunburnt hue. To me, this gives a similar effect as the Benefit Sugarbomb blusher and is the pink shy girl version of NARS Orgasm (not tonally but they give a similar feel on light skin tones).
The major downfall here is that this feels very dry to the touch. I wouldn’t necessarily label it as chalky but it can accentuate any dry patches if you do have dry skin and with one too many layers you can certainly start seeing the product on your skin. So while the colour is very buildable, it does come at a slight tradeoff.

If it makes up for anything, the formulation is quite long lasting and I can easily go through most of my day without having to touch up. Both the colour itself and it’s layering quality makes this a pretty shade that will flatter a large variety of skin tones.


With this being my introduction to Topshop makeup, I’m not yet quite convinced it’s really “the bee’s knees” as they say (wait, that is how they say it right?). Certainly much of it’s allure is the culture around the hip vibe of the store and the adorable packaging but if we’re speaking solely about this blusher then it’s really just drugstore quality and not a fantastic one at that. If you have full access to the Topshop makeup range, I do think the colour selection is quite unique and even sometimes unexpected so it might be worth adding a few to your collection. Do It Again is in itself a colour that I think many of you will enjoy and it’s a perfectly likeable product. As a whole, while I am slightly disappointed at the moment, I’m not quite ready to give up on Topshop just yet and I’m sure I’ll be back to try a few more things.


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