Review: CLEAN Perfume | White Woods, Warm Cotton, Fresh Laundry

Like a simple minimalistic white t-shirt, CLEAN Perfume has been the classic choice for modernist beauty lovers everywhere and has grown quite a cult following since its brand launch in 2003. More the 10 years down the road, it’s still favoured for its fresh uncomplicated take on fragrance. With names like Air, Fresh Laundry and Rain I was curious to see what they’re all about and was lucky enough to get this little trio for the holidays.
CLEAN | Limited Edition Rollerball Giftset (3x5ml)
Availability: Clean Perfume Website, Sephora
Would I (re)purchase: Possibly White Woods
Price: 1oz ($38CAD), 2.14oz ($74CAD)

There’s something completely nostalgic and appealing about the Clean Perfume packaging. Maybe it’s the font, the sharp square bottles (of their full sized products) or maybe it’s the inviting yet soothing colour palette. Either way, it reminds me of 90s Calvin Klein meets preppy white button downs in the Hamptons.

Unfortunately my least favourite of the bunch, Warm Cotton has a sharp zing that is nearly spot on to my Febreez air freshener. It has a citrus tone that feels refreshing but also dangerously close to the average household cleaner that I simply haven’t worn it more than once. It’s said to also contain floral notes with a hint of amber but my nose hasn’t noticed either of them. 
NOTES: Citrus, Verbena, Orange flower, Marine, Fougere, Amber, Musk.

Slightly more interesting to my palette, this is what I would love my own bedding to smell like all the time if I lived in a beach side bungalow. Malibu anyone? Fresh Laundry is slightly sweeter with a hint of rose and base notes of warming heliotrope and woody musk. It’s a touch feminine but not sugary and I can see it being wearable for all ages and would make an especially perfect first fragrance for the young girl wanting to dive into her mother’s collection.
Notes: Brazilian Orange, Mexican Lime, Fresh Mown Grass, Rose Otto, Night Blooming Jasmine, Heliotrope, Woody Musk.
I saved my favourite one for last, out of all three perfumes this is the boldest of the set but still holds that wearable, approachable feeling that resonates throughout the CLEAN product range. At first whiff this is quite a sharp scent with bergamot, black pepper coming through strongly but within a few minutes it softens to reveal a more floral note wrapped in soothing sandalwood and a slightly sweet musk. I love the cozy and casually seductive dry down this leaves. Even with such rich notes it doesn’t come off as cloying so I’d recommend this as a starter version of a woodsy fragrance for anyone wanting to venture in this direction.
Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Black Pepper, Magnolia, Calla Lily, Vanilla Orchid, Sandalwood, Praline Musk, Amber Woods

With all three scents, my main disappointment is that they don’t seem to last long on my skin. Within 3 hours or so, the fragrance seem to have some, blossomed then gone swiftly with barely a trace. CLEAN does make many of its scents in lotion form as well so you might consider layering them together for a longer lasting effect or even mixing them together for some extra pizzaz. It also doesn’t project very far so if you work in close quarters with other people, this might be a very good thing!

I think the appeal of CLEAN Perfumes is its understated composition and the easy way it fits into one’s everyday life. If you’re not one for complicated notes or you usually can not wear many of the heavier headache inducing options out there, consider CLEAN the lighter option for your beauty routine. Personally I don’t find any of them interesting enough to be a signature fragrance as all the scents are quite mellow but they are all very wearable (even White Woods). If you want to sneak a little something to wear to a more conservative office, the fresh and light options of this range looks like a good place to start. Staring at just $40CAD a bottle, I’m already looking at Skin for my next purchase to wear during casual days.

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