Review: KISS | Gel Fantasy Press-On Nails

If there’s one beauty thing I’ve always wished I could get away with, it’s long pretty girly nails. In reality mine are less than impressive and are prone to peeling and breaking. Having dabbled in fake nails during my teenage years I had previously come to the conclusion that I was just too clumsy to make it work with glue (never mind the tedious soaking removal process) but then along came a box during the holidays that answered my girly dreams.
Brand: KISS Nails
Product: Gel Fantasy Nails*
Variations: 10 Styles (via KISS Website)
Price (msrp): $10.99CAD
Availability: Drugstores nationwide (especially Pharmasave, Jean Coutu, Lawtons)
Would I (re)purchase: Yes!

As one of the leading brands for false nails, I’m sure you’re no stranger to the KISS brand and neither was I but they have recently updated with a new range of gel style nails. These Gel Fantasy sets come with 24 various sized nails, a cuticle stick, mini nail file, mega adhesive tabs and a small vial of nail glue for your choosing.

As far as I could find, there seems to be around 10 designs available ranging from single colour finishes to fun glitter sets but all have a glossy gel shine finish. If you’ve been keep up with me on Instagram, you would have seen me flaunt these (holiday limited edition) oval french glitter tips in Rock Candy. It’s the perfect mix of elegance and glam while the shape lengthens my fingers to make them look slender and more feminine. Frankly, I couldn’t stop gushing about them and waving my hands around obnoxiously at everyone (ha!).

Now since nail glue and I haven’t made up, I decided to use the included glue tabs to put them on and was thoroughly surprised with their strong and comfortable hold. Each box comes with various sized thick jelly like stickers (which do need to be trimmed for best fit) that correspond to the number size imprinted on the under side of each nail. Because the sticker shapes are standardized, it will not be a perfect complete fit but I was able to get a strong hold that covered 90-95% of my natural nails. There was no extra time spent waiting for the nails to stick, I simply trimmed the tabs, pressed it on and they were good to go!
I particularly liked the thicker glue tabs as they seem to ease any bubbling (when air bubbles get under the nail) and provide a comfortable fit. Putting these through house hold chores, dish washing, showers and other daily activities they held on strong and I didn’t notice any lifting at the edges even after 4 days of wear at which point I took them off as I needed to get back to regular life which did not sit well with precious long nails. Removing them was a simple peeling process but I highly recommend you take your time and have the cuticle stick on hand to help you wedge the edges a little at a time as the sticker tabs are still mighty strong after a few days.

The only downside of these nails, as with most standardized things is the slightly off fit at the cuticle. As you can see in the close up photos, not all of the nails fit the curve of my cuticle perfectly and it doesn’t make it any easier that a few of my fingers have difference cuticle curvatures than others. Personally I doubt I can really fool anyone into thinking these are my real nails but I would certainly recommend these for a fun date, party or even a weekend getaway and know that these will stay on and look beautiful.

If you are a part-time princess or someone who has a hard time growing out their nails, these KISS Gel Fantasy Nails are absolutely something worth considering for a quick glam transformation. The designs and finish on these are truly beautiful and I was impressed with strong hold and long lasting wear of the nail stickers. And while I only wore mine for 4 days, I have no doubt the stickers could have gotten me through a week and if you’re careful when peeling them off you may even be able to save the nails for another glue on session. Low commitment and high on style, you’ll definitely be seeing these on me again!


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