Review: Revlon | Ultra HD Lipstick

Drugstore lipstick just got a whole lot high tech. If you recall my preview post from December’s Relvon beauty preview event (update yourself here if you missed it), I meet some of the prettiest lipstick to come around town in a long time. They were bold, colourful and best yet, drugstore. Now that I’ve had a couple of weeks to wear these out and about, let’s talk about the Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks.
Brand: Revlon
Product: Ultra HD (gel) Lipstick*
Colour Selection: 20 Shades
Size: 3grams
Price (mrsp): $11.49CAD
Availability: Drugstores nationwide
Would I (re)purchase: Undecided.

With 20 blossoming shades (fun fact: they are all named after flowers), the lure of these Ultra HD lipsticks is its gel based formula over the traditional wax based formulations. According to Revlon, this means more saturated pigmentation, a smoother application and a weightless feel.

The basic design and size is similar to their popular Lip Butters but these are capped in a clear top instead of frosted. Now as much as I adore that I can see exactly what colour I am reaching for, the lipstick does not completely twist down inside the tube when it’s new and I have smushed every single one of these inside the cap when trying to close it. Note the (twisted up) full length of the bullet as well, which only holds 3 grams of lipstick, a tad smaller than the average tube. These are also very scented with a prominent sweet vanilla/mango like perfume and while I like that just fine, you may or may not.
With all the descriptives out of the way, I do feel that the gel formulation is very likeable and the main draw for me was how it sat smoothly over my (wrinkly) lips and filled in every line and corner perfectly yet without any bleeding that’s usually associated with very creamy products. Not many lipsticks can get that right.

L-R | Poppy, Hydrangea, Primrose

Of the colours I’ve tested, pigmentation seems to be medium yet buildable and each swipe gave perfectly even coverage. I did notice that any shades with a fine shimmer (such as Hydrangea) did feel slightly drier during application versus the cream finishes. And while these do not provide any continuous hydration, they do look very lush with a beautiful sheen when photographed. Just look at Primose that I am wearing in the photo below!

Lasting power ranges from 3-4 hours and most of the brighter colours do leave a lasting stain even after the colour has worn off so it is a nice options if you are planning to wear a bright lip for a long day about town.


I think it’s worthwhile to pick up at least one of the pretty colours in the Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick collection to try on as the gel formulation does make a difference to the beautiful saturation and the lush way they look in photographs. These aren’t the best for dry lips but on the other hand they provide great colour without highlighting lip lines or wrinkly lips. I do wish they were a bit more hydrating so they fall short of being a perfect lipstick in my opinion. However with such a wearable colour selection, I will probably pick up another shade or two.


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