Review & Look: MakeUpForEver | 50 Shades of Grey Lip Trio

Today is the big day. For everyone anticipating the North American release of 50 Shades of Grey (the movie), you may also have your eyes on the beautifully wearable makeup worn leading lady Anastasia Steele.

Inspired by the film and working closely with its head makeup artist Victoria Down, Make Up For Ever entices us with a limited edition collection of lip, eye and blush products that will get you ready this for your own personal close up encounters.

Brand: Make Up For Ever
Product: Tease Me (Innocent) Nude Lip Trio*
Collection: Aqua Lip WP Lip Liner “3C”, Aqua Rouge WP Liquid Lipstick #03, Lab Shine Diamond Gloss “D16”
Size: Liner (1.2g), Liquid Lipstick (2.5ml x 2), Lipgloss (2.6ml)
Price: $38CAD for the set
Availability: Sephora (in stores & online)
Would I (re)purchase: Probably yes!

Lips are a major focus in the movie, whether painted in an natural tint of nude or a sultry shade of rose, they signal Ana’s transformation and growth into the passionate lover of Mr. Grey. This Tease Me set comprises of their best selling Aqua Lip waterproof lip liner, Aqua Rouge waterproof liquid lipstick and the Lab Shine Diamond gloss to create an array of innocent looks.

The included instructional pamphlet introduces a natural and playful look created with this trio but once I swatched the colour on my skin I knew this could be so much more interesting. The Aqua Rouge is such a full bodied rich nude on my lighter skin that I decided to reverse the roles and create a strong and sophisticated makeup look worthy of a Miss Grey.

  • Make Up For Ever | Face & Body Foundation*
  • Pantone x Sephora | Marsala Shimmering Cheek Trio
  • Make Up For Ever | Sculpting Duo* #02
  • Make Up For Ever | Aqua Brow
  • Sauce Box | Etude Palette
  • Make Up For Ever | Aqua Lip* | 3C
  • Make Up For Ever | Aqua Rouge* | #03
Pigmentation and saturation from both the lip liner and the liquid lipstick are excellent and you could really have used either one on its own for a lip look. The Aqua Rouge stood out to me for how smooth and creamy it feels on application but most importantly the stay put formulation allows me to cheat my naturally thinner upper lip into something more voluptuous without worrying it would feather or smear. No splitting or cracking with the base coat colour and better yet this is pretty much bullet proof through an entire meal with no colour transfer on your glass of fancy champagne (of course Mr. Grey would only serve champagne right?).
The Lab Shine gloss has a more casual feel with light-medium translucent coverage and is littered with pink and copper micro shimmer which can be worn on its own or over the Aqua Rouge base colour in lieu of the attached clear gloss for a more dimensional look. It is a thicker formulation but is not at all uncomfortable to wear.

A very well done collection by Make Up For Ever, the Tease Me Lip Trio for the 50 Shades of Grey movie is both fashionable yet functional. I can see the shades being quite universally flattering whether it pulls more of a rich nude on your skin tone or a natural nude. The star of the set for me is undoubtedly the Aqua Rouge but I’m sure you’ll find plenty of use for the liner and gloss as well. I believe all the colours are available individually as part of their regular permanent range but the set offers a great discount for the money. 


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