DIY Craft : Simple & Chic Desktop Calendar | $10 & Under

One of the things that gets me most excited about a new year is the need (or mostly, want) to shop for new calendars, notebooks and general miscellaneous materials for my life. Calendars however have always been a big struggle as my taste is always larger than my wallet. For 2014 I had been using a sneaky little DIY calendar that has worked really well for a quick date check, takes up minimal space without cramping on style and best of all, it’s totally affordable.

NOTEPAD | Rifle Paper Co. | Garance Dore Collection
What makes a DIY project (and this one in particular) stand out is often the quality of the materials used. For me, nothing says luxe like nice, thick creamy paper and that will really show in the final look of your project. Whenever I’m crafting, I often mix high and low priced materials together but you need to spend where it counts. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for sales! I was able to purchase this lovely notepad (from one of my favourite stationary brands might I add) for $5CAD from Chapters/Indigo online during their free shipping week. Total score.

Make one for yourself, make one as a gift and get creative by altering this to your own aesthetic. Switch up the cardboard colour, switch up the notepad or maybe even try a cute patterned clip. Don’t forget to Instagram or Tweet me a photo if you give this a whirl. Happy crafting!

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