Review: Josie Maran | 100% Argan Oil

Sometimes you stumble upon beauty products out of curiosity, other times you find them out of necessity. In the case of the past few weeks, I had finally succumbed to the winter flu which left my ability to breathe normally totally non-existent but more annoyingly my skin was desert dry. Scrambling through my stash for something to hold me over, I found this small bottle of 100% argan oil which was part of a Sephora beauty set I got during the holidays.

Brand: Josie Maran
Product: 100% Pure Argan Oil
Variation: Regular (shown), Light
Size: 15ml
Price: $20CAD (15ml), $60CAD (50ml), $120CAD (120ml)
Availability: Sephora, Josie Maran online
Would I repurchase: Yes!

With argan oil being the “it” ingredient a couple of years ago I have excited tried it in many different forms from argan infused hair products to blended argan facial oil but none have impressed me much. The main issue with most of them was the thick, almost heavy consistency that seems to take forever to absorb.
This mini sized Josie Maran 100% argan oil is packaged in a small tinted glass dropper bottle which allows you to measure out as little or as many drops that you need for various application methods. It can be used pure or mixed with other products. This multi-purpose product can be used all over from face to body and even in your hair. As a former model (probably most well known for her Maybelline ads) Josie’s turn into beauty care seemed like a natural thing and her entire line is abased around this single natural ingredient, the argan nut. Full of essential fatty acids, it’s said to be the golden ingredient for moisturizing, nourishing and providing anti-aging benefits for your skin.

Of course my issue at hand was much simpler, I just needed something to soothe my sore nose (a whole roll of tissues will do that to ya) and parched skin. I first tried rubbing some argan oil directly over dry spots throughout the day which seemed to help with the immediate tightness. Then feeling a little more confident, I used a few drops over my day and night moisturizer and within a day or two my skin became much more manageable. I was even able to put some foundation on without looking like my skin was peeling in beige coloured patches. From there I’m now also using it for my nails and my hair before bedtime all with pretty happy results.

Although the texture of this 100% pure argan oil is thicker (than say the NUXE Dry Oil), it had a creamy consistency that was a pleasure to use. Practically without any scent, it felt soothing and comfortable to use while leaving my skin feeling silky and plump. After a few minutes, there was no residue or greasiness.

Now whether all pure argan oil are made the same I actually don’t know but I’m really glad I finally found an argan oil product that works for me. We’ll still have to see if this provides any long-term healing effects but purely for adding that extra layer of fatty goodness (yes, even for my combination skin), I am completely sold.

Josie Maran’s 100% Pure Argan Oil is smooth, creamy and absolutely beautiful. Having used a plethora of blended argan in fused products, finally trying the pure thing changed my mind about argan altogether. This regular version is probably most suited for those with dry to combination skin and the light version (also pure argan but in a smaller molecular structure) will be better for oilier skin. I’m already looking forward to purchasing the full sized bottle once this runs out and I think it will be a great add on moisturizer to your all over beauty routine.


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