Whatcha Reading | Books Update | Jan 2015

  • This is Dali | Catherine Ingram
  • Pantone on Fashion | Leatrice Eiseman & E.P. Cutler
  • Read My Lips | Meg Ragas & Karen Kozlowski
  • Style Me Vintage | Annabel Beeforth
  • Gertie Sews Vintage | Gretchen Hirsch
  • Stylish Dress Book | Yoshiko Tsukiori

Books are really beautiful things and going to find new books actually makes me extremely excited. The library especially is like a treasure trove of uncharted territory and new discoveries. Lately I’ve picked up a few that wonderfully merge art, style and history together. A little more fun to read than a textbook but a little more engaging than a picture book. I’m fully enamored with Pantone on Fashion which is something I pick up when I need a short technology break and of course the sewing books have been getting a good read too since I am currently plowing through the Wardrobe Architect Challenge. Gertie Sews Vintage has been keeping me on the straight and narrow while I’m debating on which pattern from my vintage stash to use, her explanations of the techniques provides a useful reference guide for things that aren’t always thoroughly explained in the pattern instructions themselves. Read anything good lately? Let me know!


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