Review: Smashbox | Full Exposure Eyeshadow Mini

I don’t know about you but I rarely travel with my large expensive makeup items with the fear of breaking an eyeshadow in my luggage or loosing a lipstick by accidentally leaving it in the hotel bathroom. This is especially true for eyeshadow, where large palettes can make me feel overwhelmed while looking at my makeup bag with just 15minutes to get ready.The key is bring something, small, loaded and affordable. Lately I’ve discovered the Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette which seemed perfectly designed for the job.

Brand: Smashbox Cosmetics
Product: Full Exposure Travel/Mini Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition)
Colours: S1, S3, S4, S6, M1, M3, M4, M6
Size: 6grams net weight
Price: $23CAD
Availability: Sephora exclusive
Would I repurchase: Absolutely!

Beautifully colour coordinated yet totally utilitarian in design, this travel/mini palette comes with 8 eyeshadows versus the 14 shades in the ever popular full sized Full Exposure palette. It has the size and dimension of about 5 credit cards stacked together and comes with a mirror attached to the flip lid. Slim and super lightweight, it’s even small enough to slip into your jeans pocket in a hurry.
Despite its demure size, the Full Exposure Travel palette houses 8 of the most popular shades from the Full Exposure collection with 4 shimmer options and 4 matte options split into warm (left), neutral (center) and cool tones (right). I love that it takes away much of the decision making by giving me just enough of what I want, without the burdensome extras. Less decision making means more time to do other important things.

L-R | M1, S1, M3, S3
Now the pigmentation and smoothness of the Full Exposure collection has been highly debated. Some thought they were greatly subparr while others loved the variety and multi-purpose functionality (Jordan Liberty from GiveGoodFace gives it his approval).

My take on the whole situation about having a good chance to play with all the colours is that I think this is a different type of formulation than what most people have come to know (and love) about “good” eyeshadows. We’ve been trained to expect a creamy, soft, smooth powder formulation that has a thicker tactile quality which you can almost simply smear onto the skin and have full coverage.

L-R | M4, S4, M6, S6

These Full Exposure shadows feel thinner, are less powdery and have a medium layerable type of pigmentation. I find all the matte shades to be smooth and easily blendable. The shimmers range between a fine sheen to a slightly chunkier grit and work better with a dense shading brush versus a fluffy blending brush. All the shades are very true to the colours your see in the pan. 
Lasting power is a solid 6-7 hours before I see any signs of fading and creasing seems to be minimal to none on my lids. Again I think this goes back to the fact that this is not a thick, powdery product so there it’s less prone to breaking down and gunking up.

I love that I’ve been getting a lot of uses from this little palette and on some days I actually have to remind myself that I have other products waiting to be tested out. The less powdery texture mean that I can easily mix and layer the matte shades without having a lot of fall out or fear of everything getting into a muddy mess on the skin.


The Smashbox Full Exposure Travel/Mini Palette is a life friendly quick and functional eyeshadow option for neutral shadow lovers. In fact, I think these shades are a necessity in everyone’s makeup bag because it can take you from subdued to smokey all in an incredibly compact case. For those who are very picky about their eyeshadows, these do not have the thick, creamy, buttery texture you crave but personally I’ve had no issues working with them. The shimmer options are not the most intense shadows I have used but rather provide a metallic sheen with some speckling of sparkles so choose accordingly. At the end of the day, this palette may not exactly be a hit with everyone but I can certainly see myself purchasing this again or perhaps even the full size option.


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