Wardrobe Architect Challenge | Redefining my style

All good things being with a plan.
Sewing is one of those persistent things in my life with which I have an unquestioning love-hate relationship. The issue is usually the lack of motivation to pull through with a long project but this year I think I’ve found my support group. While looking up sewing patterns a few days ago, I happened upon the Coletterie website by Sarai Mitnick who is the owner of a small pattern design boutique. I was immediately attracted to her WARDROBE ARCHITECT CHALLENGE which is a year long sewing project that will help you to find and create a capsule wardrobe that you really love.
The official guideline for the Wardrobe Architect Challenge is very thorough and will take you through the very beginning steps of defining your personal style to planning out your colours and patterns. Since I have a general direction of what I want and I’d like to start using some of my previously acquired patterns (which I’ve been hoarding away in a box), my plan is to use Sarai’s work list as a general guideline to check my progress. For me, it wasn’t so much about finding my style but rather making it more concise, grounding it with some well defined basic pieces and getting rid of the items that were, for the lack of a better phrase, “cramping my style”. Better yet, I’ve now found a community of sewers whom I can send frustrated social media messages to when things go crazy. I highly encourage you to join me as there’s no rules for the level of difficulty for your project items and even if you just want to pop in to check on my progress I’ll be sharing via monthly blog posts as well as Instagram and Twitter using #WAChallenge2015 !


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