The Resolutions | 2015

I’ve always found New Years Resolutions to be our own way of self prodding in order to get life back into shape after the holidays. Sure, goals can be set any time of the year and one could start the next minute, next hour or a couple of weeks down the road but there’s something momentous about the official declaration of a new calendar year that adds an extra touch of importance to our resolutions. With that being said, here are my 12 things to tackle in 2015. 
  1. IMPROVE MY PENMANSHIP: I chatted about this briefly in this post but the older I become the more I grow aware of my handwriting. Even in this digital era, there’s nothing that quite replaces a few flourishes on a nice card.
  2. READ MORE – ESPECIALLY THE CLASSICS: In truth I’ve always enjoyed reading but it seems to come and go in spurts. There have been months where I poured over the literary classics and secretly recited monologues in my head. The case this year is planning out what books I want to read and then allotting a set amount of time of each day to do so.
  3. LEARN THE GUITAR: As far as musical instruments go I’m probably not the most musically inclined but so much of the music I love involve the guitar so I thought it’s the right time to give it a go.
  4. EXPAND MY BLOG CONTENT: This will always first and foremost be a beauty blog as far I can see into the future. But my life is about more than just that perfect red lipstick or what’s been on my nails (at this moment though it’s a pretty pink from Guerlain’s Spring Collection) so I’d love to be able to share a more multifaceted view of my inner musings.
  5. WEAR MORE LIPSTICK: And speaking of lipstick…. I really ought to wear mines more. I do absolutely adore lipstick but the reality is that the type of lipsticks I love are usually pretty high maintenance and I end up trading convenience for looks.
  6. MAKE 6 VINTAGE PATTERN PROJECTS: This is something I’m rolling over from last year as frankly it didn’t go down as planned. I’ve often mentioned I have a particular love for collection vintage sewing patterns but what good are they if they stay folded in a box? Last year’s ambitious goal of 12 pieces was much too daunting between shopping for fabric to reading up on sewing techniques. This year, let’s do six.
  7. LEARN TO DRIVE: I’m still do not know how to operate a motor vehicle. I’ll leave it at that.
  8. BUY FLOWERS MORE OFTEN: Flowers are something I’ve gotten more into during 2014. Sure I’ve always loved them but it seems like such a frivolous thing that doesn’t last very long in my vase. Yet on the occasions that I did decide to splurge on some greenery, I’ve been reminded of the simple happiness that a few blooms can bring.
  9. SLEEP EARLIER, WAKE EARLIER: I’m a bit of a closet workaholic. It always occurs to me right before bedtime that I can fit in just one more thing into the night. Eventually this leads to late nights and late mornings but something’s gotta give!
  10. BUILD MY RECIPE BOOK: I have a little notebook of tried and test golden recipes. Eligibility for inclusion includes multiple rounds of testing and taste approval from family and friends before I log it into that notebook.
  11. TACKLE THAT FASHION DRAWING BOOK: I have in my possession a beautiful illustrated guide to fashion drawing which I feel in love with one day at a Japanese bookstore in San Francisco. Lusting after it for months after returning home, I finally got a hold of it with the help of a friend in the city. Where is it right now? Just sitting on my shelf.
  12. PHOTOGRAPH MORE SPONTANEOUSLY: With the amount of photography you see on this blog and the fact that I own one too many cameras for a non-professional, you’d probably conclude that I photograph a lot. Unfortunately I don’t, at least not beyond the product photos and other work necessities but hey, we can change that can’t we?


Share with me some of your hopes, dreams and resolutions for the new year. I’d love to hear them!


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