Beauty Tutorial | New Year’s Party Makeup

Let’s face it. The struggle to show up fabulous at that New Year’s Party is most definitely real. So whether you’re still pondering tonight’s countdown party makeup or tomorrow’s new year celebration makeup here’s something you can whip up quick and still dazzle the room.

  • STILA | Metallic Foil Eyeshadow* | “Kitten”
  • SMASHBOX | Full Exposure Travel Eyeshadow Palette | M6
  • REVLON | Colourstay Liquid Eyeliner | “Black”
  • DOLLYWINK | Liquid Eyeliner | “Black”
  • K.I.S.S. | Ever EZ Lashes* | KPLM02 Whispies
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER | Contouring Duo* | #02
  • AERIN MAKEUP | Lip Gloss* | “Weekend”

Start the skin with a primer if needed and apply a satin finish foundation with medium coverage. On bare lids, apply a metallic or foil finish eye shadow in a champagne pink all over the lid.

Using a pointed blending brush, add a warm matte warm brown from the outer edge of your eye socket inwards and from the inner corner towards the center all while leaving the center bare. Fill in eyebrows in a full shape.

Using a rich black liquid eyeliner, line your upper lash line and end with a small kitten flick at the outer corner. Curl your lashes, apply mascara and add a full set of wispy lashes on top. The tapered ends of the wispy style will make the lashes seem less overwhelming but still proving length and impact.

With the same warm toned matte brown, shade the enter bottom lash line. Then with a very sharp brush tipped liquid eyeliner draw in thin individual lash hairs concentrating on outer edge of the bottom lash line. A mix of dark brown and black makes this more realistic. Apply a generous coating of black mascara to the bottom lashes. For extra sparkle, add a shimmering liquid liner to the inner part of the lower lash line.

Add a bit of contouring just under the cheekbone and around the temples. Top it off with a golden nude gloss on the lips.

Remember that a glamorous look doesn’t have to be complicated. While the runways favour false lashes applied to the top and bottom, you can cheat the look with a bit of artfully applied liquid liner. A little extra detail can make even the most neutral look into something special.  It’s much easier to master than you think and you won’t have to worry about any lash pieces coming loose while you are dancing the night away. Here’s to a sparkly new year!

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