Unboxing: Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet

So much excitement in such a simple box.
If you’ve been reading my earlier post on the importance of penmanship it may come as a bit of a surprise that I put a graphics tablet on my holiday wishlist. Low and behold it came wrapped up in golden paper on Christmas morning. In the past few years my artistic life has been consumed by photography. The ease of use, the portability and the fact that it gives more reward to artistic vision rather than technical dexterity made it seem really inviting after years of practicing my lines on pen and paper. 
Of all things, Instagram was actually the main push that got me back into wanting to pick up a pen again. I follow a number of artists and illustrators whose work reminded me of the whimsy of drawing. For one, that it doesn’t have to be like art school and two, you can do in whatever style you fancy. Fueled with a renewed enthusiasm, I did a little online digging and found that a drawing tablet could be exactly what I wanted.
WACOM | www.wacom.com
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Book: Obsessive Consumption | Amazon

Having previous seen older versions of the Wacom tablet, I’m surprised (and ecstatic) to find the new Intuos edition to be simple and sleek. By the looks of it, it should be easy to plug and go!




For those who are now intrigued, it’s probably useful to note that Wacom has many lines of graphics tablets for different levels of usage. The Intuos CTL480 is the very basic of the basic model but the Intuos range also includes a Pen & Touch version, a medium option and a large sized tablet for substantially bigger drawing space. For the serious graphics and digital art lover, the Cintiq range offers an on screen display of what you are drawing on your tablet as well as further customization like interchangeable pen nibs.
Although I’m probably a little rusty (okay, maybe more than a little), I’m excited to see where this takes my creative side. Perhaps it may even come in handy when I’m editing batches upon batches of products photos in Lightroom. Let me know if you’d like to see an update on the Intuos in a few months time or if you’d be interested in more of my artistic musings. Own a graphics tablet yourself? Share your wisdom and what you use if for! 


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