Lifestyle : A word on penmanship

Notebook: Daiso | Fineliner: Staedtler

I was born into a time before the advent of mass market consumer computers. To my young eyes the most magical electronic item was a calculator that made numbers appear when I pressed the buttons. It wasn’t until 4th grade in Canada that I recall going to the computer lab and learning how to type, which in succession lead to a brief love for a game called Oregon Trail. (Internet points if you were of that same era. Click here if you haven’t got a clue.)
Of course today the mere existence of my blog relies on my computer, my smartphone and the internet but I’ve never lost that fondness for the written hand. I insist on carrying a pen and paper scheduler despite the bulk and my weakness for thick cottony paper still makes me giddy at stationery shops. But it’s this time of the year however when holiday cards are written and received that it really hits me how important penmanship is even to our modern lives. Beyond neatness and presentability, your writing reveals your character, personality and aesthetic. It’s not too early to start thinking of your new years goals and perhaps writing practice should be one of them. Penmanship, like many other things in our lives is merely a habit that we can change with practice and diligence. So take some time out of your day to reflect on your writing and I’ll be doing that along with you.

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