The 30 minutes before you arrive gift panic | Chapters – Indigo

’tis the day before Christmas and all through the mall, masses of tired faces wanting to finish it all….

As much as we try to plan, sometimes last minute events jump up on us with no warning signs whatsoever. Re-gift that box of chocolates you received yesterday? Sure you could but how about picking up something that’s fast and lovely at the same time?

Back in July I was invited to a lovely intimate event to hosted by Chapters – Indigo sharing their holiday gift selection and was incredibly impressed by their mix of chic and fun selection of products. Of course I usually have my head deep in the book aisle (usually photography and cooking if you’re wondering) but in December alone I’ve found myself spending quite a few hours admiring the cute gold patterned glassware to plush faux throws and fragrant candles.

The result? I’ve actually done some of my own holiday shopping right at Chapters!

So if you’re reading this on Christmas Eve or even Christmas morning and still haven’t picked out anything for the Smiths that you’re visiting for dinner…it’s not too late. I say ditch the wine and bring a cute smores kit to share and a box of tea.
Merry Christmas y’all, may your hearts be warm and your stomachs be happy.

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