STYLE | The Old Navy Shoe Mystery

Old Navy is probably not what most people would think of when it comes to shoes, flip flops maybe but proper, even stylish footwear? Me neither. But in the past year with a few clicks of my mouse, I’ve found myself in possession of 3 pairs of shoes  and as someone with a no commitment policy to footwear, I thought this deserved a proper post.
The is the pair that I wear most often and for good reason. I purchased it while searching for something to replace a beloved pair of modern cowgirl boots that I wore to death. The soft faux suede feel and neutral colour palette makes it easy to pair with clothing be it with a blazer or a fun summer dress. I love the simplistic design with the top stitching detail which looks like a city version of a country boot. Thick heels and a zipper means I can walk comfortably from cobblestone to grass and the treaded bottom keeps me on my feet.

Availability: Discontinued.

I picked up this pair solely for the fact that it looks identical to a black pair from Forever21 that I own which in turn is a dupe for a pair of Chinese Laundry shoes. At a mere $15 when it was on sale during Black Friday, there was absolutely no way I was passing these up. Even though d’orsay styles can often slip in the back heel, this pair was surprisingly snug when I ordered in a half size down. It could do with a little extra arch support but overall I am thrilled. The bottom of the shoe is rubber which makes sure I won’t be making a fool of myself in slippery hotel lobbies when I head to events. Faux suede, deep red and oh so luxurious looking.

Availability: Still available! Shop it here.

Everybody needs a shoe that just gets them out of the door quickly in the winter weather. This is my pair. Purchased at the same time as my Lady Shoe, I was desperately seeking an everyday shoe that can handle a bit of rain, snow and is, for all intents and purposes on the Westcoast…an all terrain shoe. This fit the bill perfectly. I ordered a size up to accommodate for thicker winter socks. This convertible style actually allows you to wear the boot laced all the way up or folded down to reveal a bit of faux fur while still keeping my feet warm and dry. Not quite a snow boot, not quite a rain boot but perfect for the daily hustle in bad weather.

Availability: Still available in black and brown. Shop it here.

The moral of today’s post? Good shoes often come from unexpected places. Old Navy only carries a small selection of shoes but it seems that once in a while, a real gem will pop up. If possible however, I would suggest checking them out in stores just to insure there aren’t any loose seams or major quality issues but all three pairs I own came out perfectly fine. Definitely worth revisiting for everyday simple footwear. I’ve got them bookmarked.


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