Review: Artist Shadows 210Shades | Make Up For Ever

There’s no doubt that when it comes to make up artistry, Make Up For Ever stands out as one of the leaders in the industry and being easily accessibly to the mass market makes lots of us even more giddy. In celebration of the brand’s 30th Anniversary this year, they went back to basics and worked on a new formulation of eye shadows….oh and did I mention there are 210 shades? You’ll probably want to sit down for the rest of this.

Brand: Make Up For Ever
Product: Artist Eyeshadow in D504* (yellow gold), I238* (medium teal), M106* (smoky charcoal)
Colour Selection: 210 shades in matte, satin, iridescent, Metal, Diamond finishes
Size: 2 grams
Price: $24CAD (single), $39CAD (duo), $50 (trio)
Availability: Sephora, Make Up For Ever Boutiques
Would I (re)purchase: Probably yes.

Released this fall, the Artist Eye Shadows were 3 years in the making and exploded on the market with a rainbow of colours in 5 enviable finishes. The formulation itself uses what Make Up For Ever calls Pigment Atomization technology which maximizes pigmentation, up to 88% concentrated pigment and said to be highest on the market.

L-R | D504* | I238* | M106*

In line with the rest of it’s revamped packaging, these eye shadows come in customizable palettes of singles, doubles or trios. The case itself has a magnetized sticker that allow the metal pans to sit inside firmly and a small hole on the bottom of the palette allows pop it out again with a pin. Of course, if you’re stranded on a dessert island, a quick smack onto the palm of your hand does the trick easily as well. The case, although plastic feels solid in the hands with sturdy hinges, a clear top for quick colour picking and snaps close with a reassuring click.
(If you’re wondering, these pans are much bigger than regular MAC shadows.)
Of the 3 different finishes I have here, the diamond and iridescent have a smooth almost slightly gel-like feel to the touch which the matte shade is smooth without feeling chalking. None of these are particularly powdery when you put a brush to them but there is some fallout with the matte shade.
The swatch on bare skin (see below) gives very consistent and true to pan colour payoff which feel so satisfying. Pigmentation is definitely up there with some of the best I’ve used and if all the 210 shades turned out like this, I think we have just found ourselves a new beauty staple. Make Up For Ever actually recommend you use these all over, certain shades can be used as blush and certain mattes can double up as eyebrow powder. This has versatility stamped all over it.
For the most part all three colours are rather blendable but the matte charcoal was hard to lay on evenly in one swipe and did require some more attention and careful layering. Mattes are the most fickle of all eye shadow finishes and while this one isn’t the smoothest I’ve used, it’s still certainly up there in the top tier. If you’re keen to see them live in action, I used them in this GRWM Video right around the 5 minute mark.
Without a primer, longevity stretches to about 4-5 hours before I noticed some shifting and if layered over another shadow formulation it does have a tendency to crease once in a while. On that front, wear time is standard to good for this price point.


If you are a colour fanatic and are looking for a very specific shade of shadow with rich saturation then these Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows are the way to go. With 210 options to choose from you are pretty much guaranteed to build a palette that you love. But with that being said, there will be certain shades in finishes (like metal and iridescent) which are easily replaceable from another brand so not every single colour will be unique. At the heart of this, it is really about the pigmentation and the subtle nuances of those hard to find shades that makes this range unique. Worth swatching, trying and bringing home a few favourite shades especially if you snag a few multi-purpose ones.


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