Review: Instyler Ionic Hot Styling Brush | Video

Hair tools have become a bit of an mini addiction of mine as of late. Having long hair can often fall in the danger zone of being boring but what’s a skill challenged girl to do?

My most recent acquisition after much fraught research is the Instyler Ionic 4-in-1 Styler which is essentially a hot styling brush meant to be used on dry hair for adding either fun waves, bouncy curls or frizz-free body to style challenged hair.

Website | London Drugs Regular Version | London Drugs Pro Version

For those who remember, I bought (and love) the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron (reviewed) last winter and while I loved the fast and efficient results there were a few drawbacks with now noisy it was plus some tricky neck burning incidents. While the 4-in-1 Ionic Styler takes care of those two problems the results are much harder to control and this seems better suited for creating varying texture in the hair rather than smooth glamourous curls. I’ll let you decide in the before and after comparison photo (above) and let me know if you have a favourite lazy girl hair tool!


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