Holiday Edition | 3 Gifts for the Picky Beauty Lover

We’re vain, judgmental and rather picky. I get it.

Beauty lovers can hard to shop for, especially the ones that seem to have everything. But fear not for I have devised the perfect plan to check these nice (or naughty) people off your holiday shopping list with a few product recommendations and some shopping tips as well to get you along.

  • JILL STUART | Blush Mix N* | Get it here 
  • CLINIQUE | Even Better Foundation* | Get it here 
  • LANEIGE | White Plus Renew Essence* | Get it here
STRAWBERRYNET | If none of these perk up your interests, browse their other 32K products with great sales and free shipping to make things a little easier.
My top tip for picking the perfect gift for a beauty lover is very simply, think outside of the box. A gift doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to be amazing. With everything just a mouse click away, try looking for something unique from another country or even a limited release to really impress them. What makes a gift extra special is always the attention and detail you put into knowing something about your recipients and searching for something that speaks to their everyday style. You have so many options out there and I’ll be sharing a few more holiday gift ideas in the upcoming weeks. Remember, you have no excuses for generic gifts this year!

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