Review: ChokChok Shining CC Cushion | Makeon – Tosowoong

Another cushion product means another Korean makeup review and today we’re talking about the brand MAKEON which is the colour cosmetic branch of Korean beauty brand Tosowoong. Though newer on the market, Tosowoong currently has a small selection of well curated and innovative sounding products. But of course, being the foundation hoarder that I am would it have been any question that the first thing I tried was a makeup compact?
Brand: MAKEON / Tosowoong
Product: Chok Chok Shining CC Cushion* SPF50/PA+++
Colours: #21 Moist Glow Vanilla (shown), #23 Moist Glow Natural
Size: 13g
Price: 15 900WON (approx $17 CAD)
Availability: Tosowoong Website (Int. Shipping), Tosowoong eBay Shop
Would I (re)purchase: Yes

The ChokChok Shining CC Cushion boasts a 5-in-1 function (essence, pore primer, foundation, moisture pact, sun cream) in an easy to use and portable cushion plus puff dispensing system which is created to give provide whitening, anti-wrinkle and SPF50 protection. I do not have the full English ingredients but it’s advertised to include jasmine, mulberry, mungbean, calendula and ginseng extracts among many other plant additives.

Opening the packaging, each box contains a mirrored compact case with the (refillable) foundation portion already installed as well as a specially designed puff applicator. Compared to other similar bb/cc cushions I’ve encountered this is definitely smaller and more lightweight which makes it easy to carry though slightly less luxurious in aesthetics. The puff has a fine micro-pore texture but doesn’t feel quite as soft as I’d prefer for an applicator. None the less it does do an excellent job of applying the product evenly and seems to absorb less foundation altogether.

Pop open the lid of the cushion compact (which is there to prevent it from drying out) and you’ll need to push on the cushion a few times to make sure the product saturates the sponge completely. To my  nose, there is a faint slightly floral fragrance but it doesn’t usual linger. 
In the before/after photos (above) I am wearing one layer of colour #21 all over my face with an extra layer in certain problem spots such as the red speckles on my cheeks and a little extra under the eyes. It does an excellent job of evening out my skin tone and minimizing any minor blemishes not to mention I was ecstatic to find that with 3 layers it can almost completely cover those perpetual red spots on my nose. I would rank this as a light/medium coverage foundation that can be built up to medium/near full coverage if desired. To be frank, on the days I wore this, I didn’t even bother with concealer or any other corrector.
What you’ll probably notice however is that #21 is slightly pale in photos for my NC15-20 skin tone (check My Stats for more of my colour matches). I’m going to attribute that to the high SPF50 factor because in person, it’s actually not very noticeable and it’s definitely a better skin match for me than the IOPE in #21 (see my review for swatches). In fact when I have blush and other makeup on, it’s nearly negligible so I don’t do anything special to correct the colour for everyday wear.
If you’re using the cushion for the first time or simply just swatching it on the back of your hand don’t be intimidated by the almost oily-creamy texture. Once blended onto the skin and left to set for a few seconds the super emollient foundation actually semi-sets into a velvety finish yet still maintaining a soft glow. Notice how it picks up light up the high points of my face like my cheeks, nose and chin.
The effect with this ChokChok Cushion is similar to that of a cream foundation but much more suitable for a wider range of skin types. While I wouldn’t say this is ideal for super oily skin, anyone from dry skin to combination skin should find this very likable.

For a product this creamy there is minimal settling into fine lines (that’s marionette lines for me) and I can easily achieve a 4 hour wear without even needing to check up on my face. Any for those living in a drier country or are experiencing the winter blues I think this would be an worthy makeup bag companion.

More good news is that after few weeks of usage, this proved to be pretty skin friendly for me, meaning no breakouts, sensitivity or any adverse reactions. I also found this to be rather calming on my skin and once removed at the end of the day, my skin doesn’t look dehydrated nor worn out and tired as it sometimes can when I wear a heavy base product for a
long period of time. As for the skincare functions? It did prevent my skin from drying out and seems to help maintain a smooth and soft complexion but I wouldn’t say it had any major healing effects.
In performance this hits most of the sweet spots but I will say that it does feel a heavier on my skin versus the IOPE. Noting terrible but definitely noticeable. If you are very acne prone, I’d proceed cautiously with the ChokChok cushion mainly because while I don’t know each ingredient in here,  from the way it feels I am rather certain there are oil extracts in this emollient formulation. I’m not particularly breakout prone with oils (except for mineral oil) but this doesn’t seem like an oil-free foundation. In addition, I would have liked to see a more developed colour selection (this is more of a peachy beige) plus this compact actually needs to be bigger because I was having quite a fickle time trying to get my fingers through the tiny loop on the applicator and then only being able to press two fingers into the cushion making it hard to cover a large area in one go. And trust me, I don’t even have big hands. Altogether the foundation does an excellent job but small details like packaging and design does fall behind a little.

A little elusive to find but overall an excellent product for its quick application, great coverage and a nice balance between longevity/glowiness. The MAKEON ChokChok Shining CC Cushion is what I would call a reliable everyday product. One of those base products that you can put on in 30 seconds and actually look rather put together. I really love how buildable it is and I can forgo all other products (concealer, powder) while still getting a nice finish that lasts most of the day. If you happen to come across this product and can find a suitable colour match, it’s absolutely a must try.


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