HAUL | Fall Beauty & Shoes

There must be some logarithm between the change in temperature and the amount of times one goes shopping. I had no plans for a haul video but at some point, I looked around my room and I knew it had to be done so here it is!

    • Butter Lipstick Trio | True Love | Buy it
    • Butt Naked Palette | Turn the other Cheek 
  • ESSENCE | Long Lasting Lipstick
    • Nude Love, Wear Berries, Natural Beauty
  • JONATHAN | Silky Dirt | Buy it
  • HADALBO | Shirojyun 3 Piece Set | Buy it
  • ICHIKAMI | Care & Style Hairstyling Water | Buy it
  • MY BEAUTY DIARY | Intensive Brightening Mask (LE) | Buy it
  • ALDO | Studded Leather Wedge Sneakers “Graziana”
  • FOREVER21 | Faux Suede D’orsay Pumps 
Somehow I just ended up with 6 lipsticks. From another perspective, many of the beauty items (that are oh so irresistible) this time of the year are such great value and would makeup fabulous gifts as well as a little treat for yourself. Speaking of which, I’ve been diligently drafting up holiday related posts from beauty gift guides as well as lifestyle content like how to wrap a present. If you have something seasonally related that you’d like to see be sure to leave me a comment! Happy Saturday.


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