Fashion | My Favourite Stylish People

The thing about fashion is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. The world of fashion blogging has grew into a type of sinkhole that, quite frankly, you can fall in and never find your way out. I’m the type of girl who love a few key pieces and wears them to death but between making videos and attending events, variety is definitely a necessity. (Oh the horror of being caught in the exact same outfit twice!) So here are some of my favourite stylish people to inspire your (and my) wardrobe choices.


I don’t exactly recall how I discovered Tricia but I do know that I completely fell in love with her the first time I stumbled upon her blog. Based in Manila (Philippines), her life, work and personal interests take her around the world from London to New York but it’s really her sense of style that drew me in. Tricia has chameleon sense of style that goes from cool Japanese EMODA girl to grown up floral chic. She’s the girl who will wear and can pull off sweat pants and high heels. Some of my favourite looks from her simple pieces with interesting colour choices that are classic but not too boring. 

Maybe I’m a bit biased here because I know Claire in real life but although her slightly androgynous city girl style isn’t quite my thing, there’s always one item she wears in every outfit that I would most definitely borrow. So I guess in a way, we do share some affinity to certain pieces of clothing but both of us would end up styling it in completely different ways. For those who likes a more simplistic modern style, you’ll want to follow her around and maybe even hunt her down on Instagram. The extra sprinkle on top? She has a well curated but enviable shoe collection.

According to Wikipedia, Oliva Palermo is a socialite. Now exactly what that entails I haven’t got a clue but whathever she’s up to on a daily basis, she sure looks good doing it. I first discovered Olivia whilst browsing the pages of my favourite fashion magazines and while I know little about her personal life, her stylish outfits have appeared time and time again on the best dressed list. Olivia appears to be fundamentally an uptown New York girly girl but her way of mixing super classic silhouettes with modern colours and details impresses me every single time. And while not all of us have a socialite budget to splurge, the fact that her choices are often very basic, it’s not hard to find more affordable alternatives. If there’s one closet I’d like to invade? It’d probably be Olivia’s. And this monochromatic fall outfit she was spotted wearing? I’m completely sold from head to toe.

So tell me, who are your favourite fashionable people? Do you take inspiration from style icons or fashion bloggers in your everyday wardrobe choices? Even better, drop me some links on who you think I should be reading! Until next time…

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