EVENT & LOOK | Shu Uemura Fall Beauty with Taca Ozawa

Last month I had my face painted with one of the most beautiful makeup looks anyone has ever done on me. The place was the newest Shu Uemura counter inside The Bay (Richmond Center) and the occasion was the celebration of their fall Brave Beauty Collection. For this special event, customers could sign up for a special makeover with Shu Uemura’s national makeup artist Mr. Taca Ozawa and I was kindly invited as a special guest.

What really struck me with this makeup look was how well balanced everything was. It was bright yet soft, romantic yet the lashes added the extra drama that I love. And I would just like to yell at the top of my roof, can you believe how good my skin looks with the Light Bulb Foundation? 
While the colours may seem simple, Taca spent a long time slowly layering and blending everything together. With a quiet concentration, he’d put something on, step (way) back, ask me to tilt my head this way and that then proceed to pick up his brush again. There was something truly mesmerizing watching him work on my makeup. In fact, I told him I didn’t want to see anything until he had completely finished and what a beautiful look it is!
The staff a the Shu Uemura counter were also kind enough to let me dig around some of their products and even shared with me some upcoming new releases like the latest edition to Shu’s popular TSUYA SKIN brightening skincare range (below). As you saw in the video, I had a bit of a skin prep prior to the makeup application and the combination of products really plumped up my skin while leaving it soft and supple.
I still have much more to discover about the brand but I’m quickly learning that Shu Uemura is more than just their eyelash curler and eyebrow pencils. It’s bursting with colour, creativity and new visions to be created. If you’re interested in learning more about them, I’ve recently been catching up on a few of their creative videos from their Hong Kong Youtube channel. You can thank me later!

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