Beauty Look | #bravebeauty Fall Look | Shu Uemura

Beauty takes courage.
This year I had the great pleasure of discovering the world of Shu Uemura and not only have I fallen in love with some of their products but even more so, I am madly in love with the spirit behind the brand. 
For Fall 2014, Shu Uemura released the Vision of Beauty Vol. 1 – Brave Beauty Collection, a tribute to women as modern day warriors. Some say that women wear makeup as armor to protect ourselves; sometimes from the outside world, sometimes from our own insecurities but with this, makeup can also give us strength.

I sat at my desk with all the palettes open and stared at them for along time. Colour matching in makeup is not my forte by any means and there are colours that I never reach for voluntarily in my everyday routine. But then I thought to myself, what would the braver alter-ego of myself wear? If I could paint a self portrait of myself in a different time or a different place, how would I do it?
She would be lush, slightly untamed, decadent but not fussy yet romantic at heart. With this, I decided on a contoured green and orange eye look reflective of the season. The Green Palette in this collection has a warm golden undertone which looked like golden leaves tinged with the breath of autumn. The rest of the face I kept fairly neutral but of course I couldn’t pass on those lashes. And yes, this girl I’m painting…she would definitely have a Monroe piercing.

  • SHU UEMURA | The Lightbulb Foundation*
  • SHU UEMURA | Stage Performer BB Perfector*
  • SHU UEMURA | Brave Beauty Eyeshadow Palette | Orange*
  • SHU UEMURA | Brave Beauty Eyeshadow Palette | Green*
  • SHU UEMURA | Brave Beauty Rouge Unlimited | Beige*
  • SHU UEMURA | Brave Beauty Lasting Soft Gel Pencil | M Green*
  • SHU UEMURA | Brave Beauty Satin Radiant Stick | Light Pink*

L-R | BB Perfector | The Lightbulb Foundation | Satin Radiant Stick

L-R | Green Palette “GR4, GR2, GR1” | Orange Palette “GR6”
Lasting Gel Liner ” M Green” | Rouge Unlimited Lipstick “Beige”

Brave Beauty False Lashes | Brave Beauty Face Studs

  • On clean, moisturized skin, start with a thin layer of BB Perfector to smooth skin and give a slightly luminous finish. With a damp sponge, apply The Lightbulb Foundation from the center zone of the face and blend outwards. The foundation itself is quite creamy and I used an extra layer to cover any obvious spots and trouble areas. No concealer here.
  • Shade cheeks with a neutral, slightly rosy blush. Then I added the Satin Radiant Stick in Light Pink along the high points of the cheeks, on the chin and on the cupids bow of the lip.
  • Apply GR4 shadow all over the lids from lash line to the brow bone, contour the eyes from the inner corner towards the center and also from the outer corner towards the center using GR1 while leaving the center bare. Blend GR2 into the socket line in a rounded shape, connecting the darker inner and outer corner. Now this technique is easier done on those with a more prominent socket contour but if you don’t, it’s easier to create a uniform contour on both eyes by tilting your head back slightly and looking down into your mirror.
  • Line the lower lash line all the way around with Gel Liner Pencil in M Green and go over the lash line again with a mix of GR1 and GR2.
  • Using a dark matte shadow, create a fuller shaped brow with a gentle rounded lift, tapering off at the ends. I also used a bit of a brow pencil to get the ends sharper and to smooth out the top and bottom line. I also attempted to shade a bit of GR1 onto my brows as well.
  • Here I popped on the amazing hand made lashes from the Brave Beauty collection, featuring a full, lush style accented with a silver trim and feathered ends.
  • On the lips goes the Rouge Unlimited lipstick in Beige which has a creamy finish and a hint of shine.

I must admit I was absolutely terrified that this will turn out into a muddy mess but the key to this look is to take it one step at a time, using a clean brush for each colour and blend the edges carefully for a smooth gradation. The eyeshadows were easy to pick and blend while having great adhesion for a seamless look. And can we just oogle for a second at how the silver trim on these lashes catch the light so beautifully in photos! 
Looking at these finished photos now, I find that makeup both creates and reveals our inner and outer selves. Whether this is your everyday look, a photoshoot look or just your alter-ego look, remember that beauty takes courage and I’m rooting for you.

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