Skincare Routine | SS 2013 Updates + Video

Now that I’m sitting here typing out this post, I’m thinking I may have called autumn out too soon. Coming back from a day about town, I couldn’t wait to wash my face and cool myself down from the muggy heat. None the less perhaps it is the right time to share my spring and summer skincare routine after all. You know the drill, let’s talk about it.

  • NEUTROGENA | Oil- Free Eye Makeup Remover
  • SHISEIDO | Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam
  • SIBU | Sea Buckthorn Face & Body Bar | review
  • ALBA BOTANICS | Sea Algae Enzyme Scrub | review
  • EVIE SKINCARE* | review
  • BIOTHERM | Life Plankton Essence* | review
  • ANDALOU Skincare | Probiotic +C Cream | review
  • NOW FOODS | European Clay Powder
  • CLARISONIC MIA | review
Given the warm weather still hovering about town, I think I’ll stick to this general routine for just a little longer. The only product I’ve fully replaced already is my daily moisturizer (we’ll talk more about it this week) but these wandering eyes are already eyeing up a few other items to work into my winter arsenal. If you’re interested in seeing a short post on what I’ll be using coming the colder season (once I’ve gathered them all), leave me a comment and it shall be done! 
What was your favourite summer skincare product?

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