Review: Maybelline | Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation + swatches

New to the ever popular Maybelline DREAM family, the newest drugstore item to hit the town is the Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation. With a new bottle design and dispensing system, this also boasts a breakthrough texture that created to provide an impeccable finish for a bare skin look and feel. Too good to be true? Being the foundation lover that I am, I was ready to try it on.

Brand: Maybelline
Product: Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation*
Sun factor: SPF20 Octinoxate (3%)
My Colour: Classic Ivory
Colour selection: 12 shades total
Size: 20ml
Price: $14.99 CAD
Availability: Drugstores nationwide
Would I (re)purchase: Probably not.

The Dream Wonder Foundation presents itself in a slim glass bottle with a teardrop design and an ombre sprayed finish that shows a peak of the foundation colour at the bottom where the glass is clear. After properly shaking the bottle (as we’re instructed), you’ll find the dispensing system is actually a single dropper bead. Not quite your regular pipette style dropper, this exclusive design was specially created for the easy dispensing of the ultra fluid foundation. Simply hold the cap vertically in your palm or fingertips and let a few drops of products bead and drop down.

In theory it sounds great (not to mention very hygienic) but on busy days gravity proves too slow and I usually end up dabbing the dropper on my hand instead. While the foundation is indeed thin, it’s not quite liquid enough to roll right off the dropper.

Smooth and fluid to the touch, the Dream Wonder feels like a powder suspended in an silicone/alcohol base. On first contact, it feels almost creamy and soon turns into a light matte finish as the emulsifying ingredients evaporate only to leave a slight powder behind. The transformation process happens quickly and you have around 5 seconds to blend it in before it starts to set so I recommend working in one small area of the face at a time using either your fingers to tap then blend or use a stippling brush .
The Dream Wonder foundation surprised me with the medium coverage that it provides, managing to smooth out slight blotchiness, minor blemishes and easily unifies my skin tone. The thinner consistency allows layering to achieve slightly more coverage where needed though not quite full coverage. As my skin is particularly feisty the past few weeks, you’ll notice that it doesn’t cover scars or prominent spots.
When it comes to colouring, I’ve always been pretty close with their shades and usually fall into Classic Ivory (see all my other foundation matches) which is exactly what you are seeing in the swatches. It’s a reasonably good match for everyday wear though I do find a slightly white cast in certain lighting situations. When worn with other makeup, the difference is negligible but if you are stuck between two choices, I would in this case suggest the darker option.

Note that sometimes foundations can look slightly different in the bottle versus a hand swatch versus how it actually wears on your face so I’d always recommend sampling a tester if you can. In the case of Maybelline, while not all their base products look consistent in the packaging, your usual shade is most often the best one in the range despite how the bottle might look.

The product is not scented by does carry a slightly alcohol note due to its ingredients.

In the close up (above), notice that Dream Wonder catches on dry patches on my nose and also around any blemishes that are in the healing stage. In fact, this will catch on any dry spot on your face due to the powdery suspension of the formula. This means, if you have acne issues or dry skin this wouldn’t be your best option. It does however sit very well over my pores and does not settle into fine lines around the eyes or mouth.

Lastly, I did find this to be quite long wearing foundation despite not marketed as being so and it held up easily to 4-5hrs on a warm day without any major fading on my combination skin. There will be some slightly powdery transfer if you rub your skin but neither breaks down or separate too terribly during the course of the day and it does blot down easily if needed. No skin irritation or any adverse affects to be seen and despite the high silicone content, it did not seem to cause any breakouts which is likely due to its thinner consistency versus the usual heavy texture of silicone products.

In many aspects, Maybelline’s Dream Wonder is a great foundation. I absolutely can not feel it on my skin upon application and that’s a rare statement. Its slight matte finish will be appreciated by those with normal to slightly oily skin and it photographs quite nicely as well. The medium coverage is enough for your special nights as well as everyday wear making it a great basic to keep in your arsenal. Personally, the fact that it enhances dry patches is the main reason I won’t be going back after this bottle is finished. The other is the price point, which seems quite high for a drugstore product offering only 20mls of product. If neither of those are your concern, then go and grab yourself a bottle as it a beautiful product.


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