Reivew: Wild Argan Oil Skincare | The Body Shop

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to my skin, I am far less diligent about my body than I am about my face. The Body Shop’s Wild Argan Oil collection is now available in stores (and online) and includes an array of 9 different products for the body. Tinted with a golden hue, these products are all formulated with essential argan extra to moisturize the skin. After a whole summer of being baked and dried out by the sun, I am so ready for this.


  • Body Butter* (200ml/$20 CAD)
  • The Radiant Oil (125ml/$20 CAD) (not shown)
  • Bubbling Bath* (250ml/$12 CAD)
  • Rough Scrub* (200ml/$20 CAD)
  • Body Lotion* (250ml/$12 CAD)
  • Shower Gel* (250/$9 CAD)
  • Massage Soap* (150g/$6 CAD)
  • Miracle Oil* (50g/$14 CAD)
  • Solid Oil Lips* (20ml/$6 CAD)
  • Available: August 2014

The Wild Argan line includes both some Body Shop classics such as the body butter and the rough scrub yet also introduces some exclusive products such as the Radiant Oil and Miracle Solid Oil. A slightly sweet, light scent brings all the items together cohesively but while I though it was welcoming and pleasant, it didn’t always suit the noses of those around me and more than one person found it to be too rich and dominating.

THE ARGAN STORY: The Body Shop uses Community Fair Trade Organic Argan Oil which is grown in south west Morroco. Hand picked and cracked by the Berber women who live there, the nuts go through a 48hr filtration process for the purest extraction.

The Body Shop Wild Argan | Rough Scrub & Massage Soap


The Rough Scrub | Surprisingly, this scrub won over the girl who never use scrubs. Many I’ve tried in the past are sugar based (melted away too soon) or had polyurethane beads (painful and unpleasant), neither of which felt very good. This one however contains fine walnut shell powder which feels great especially on the legs and feet. The consistency is thick enough that it stays on my skin until I am ready to rinse off. It also doesn’t dry my skin and paired with the body butter, it’s heavenly.

The Body Lotion | Easy to absorb, great for those who have normal skin but still want a light moisturizer, I love how creamy this feels yet leaves no greasy residue on the skin. I use it not only on my body but also keep it on the table to moisturize my hands. No sticky fingers.

The Body Butter | I am very very particular about my body butters. It has to have the right scent and consistency and this one ticks all the boxes and then some. This actually feels like smooth, rich butter as you’re applying this to your body but leaves a comfortable velvet after finish that would be great for men as well. My favourite is still the cocoa butter version for winter but this will do great in the transitional weather.

– – – – –

THE ONES TO AVOID: As amazing as this feels at first, unfortunately the massaging nubs on the Massage Soap only lasts a few washes before the soft product melts away. It was also too dry for me and I’d much better prefer the Body Wash. The Solid Oil Lips also had me very excited but the thick formula only seemed to coat my lips on the surface and did little to repair dry patches. As soon as it wore off, I was dry again.

The Body Shop Wild Argan | Miracle Oil Solid (left), Body Butter (top) & Solid Oil Lips (bottom)


I love the argan concept for this time of the year as we’re all needing a little extra TLC for our sun ravaged skin. The lighter consistency and velvety finish of The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Collection as a whole makes this a unisex range that can be enjoyed by everyone. You’ve got options to use the products individually or stack them up for rough spots or extra dry skin making the range quite versatile. Definitely worth stopping by the store to check it out.


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