Review: Pore Energy Essence | Tony Moly

Pores are the bane of my existence.

While you can cover everything from discolouration to dark under eye circles, skin texture (and pesky pores included) is the hardest to conceal. Though there isn’t a permanent way to shrink pores via topical treatments, I could use all the help I can get in with a little extra skincare. Korean brand Tony Moly would be a familiar name if you’ve dabbled in Asian beauty products or have seen a few of my other TM skincare reviews. Their ever popular Floria line (based on plant and flower ingredients) has expanded into various sub-categories to cater more specific skin needs.

Brand: Tony Moly
Product: Floria Pore Energy Essence*
Size: 50ml
Price: $30 (?) via YesStyle
Availabilty: YesStyle online
Would I (re)purchase: No

As part of their pore treatment range, the Pore Energy Essence is the second step in the Floria pore care series following the corresponding toner. Packaged in a cool icy teal bottle, the plastic packaging is sturdy and is topped with a precision pump for controlled dispensing.

The essence itself has a slightly cooling sensation when applied to the skin and is subtly fragranced with a fresh aquatic scent which is actually very pleasant, especially during the warmer weather. Lightweight in feel and texture, this spreads like a mix between a lotion and a whipped balm with a smooth silicone finish and a satin-matte look. As most products of this consistency goes, it glides easily over pores as well as skin texture and with a few days of consistent use I could visibly see a reduction in the appearance of my pores.

Now if you’ve a long time reader of my blog, you’ll know exactly what I’m about to say here…this product broke me out. Plain and simple, once again my skin has chosen to express its great unhappiness with silicone heavy products by showering me first with a few red dots then with some large and loud painful spots. I’ve tried this on two accounts and ended with the same distressing result so unfortunately this is a miss for my skin type. However, I do know that not everyone has silicone intolerance so do consider your own skin type and history.

Last thing to note is that while this essence does provide light dose of moisture and does not dry out my skin, it doesn’t seem efficient for dry skin, those with easily dehydrated skin or the upcoming winter weather.


The Tony Moly Floria Pore Energy Essence falls into one of those niche categories of “great product, just not for me” and for this I’m no longer using it as part of my personal skincare routine. If silicone heavy products aren’t an issue for you, then consider this a very lightweight skin smoothing, pore minimizing essence that does deliver noticeable results. Unlike many alcohol heavy, astringent products this does not dry out my skin during the process but is much better suited to those with combination or oily skin. The consistency and immediate satisfaction means you can also use this as a light primer for your foundation and the unobtrusive fresh scent easily makes this an unisex product.


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