Event & Haul | IMATS 2014 Vancouver

IMATS is my one guilty beauty pleasure of the year.

The well known International Makeup Artist Trade Show hits many locations around the world and Vancouver has been a regular spot in the last 5 years or so and brings great excitement to the local film, theater and beauty industry. A gathering of industry professionals, beauty enthusiasts, special f/x artists and vendors with their suitcases filled with products gather here every summer.

While the venue is smaller and the selection slim compared to the larger cities like New York or L.A., I feel that this more intimate setting separates those who are in it for the glitz, glam and publicity (crazy lines, Youtube meet & greets) and those who are truly in it for the makeup artistry. Despite not being high end per say, IMATS excites me because of its authenticity towards the raw magic and transformation of makeup especially when you watch the competitors hard at work during the annual special f/x contest. Veteran award winning artist who have worked in some of the biggest movies you’ve seen in theaters offer their expertise through workshops and demonstrations throughout the day, opportunities that a non-industry beauty lover would rarely be able to experience. In short, I always leave feeling inspired.
But of course, there is also the makeup. This year, with a budget on my mind and my shopping list in hand, I hit the booths with surprising efficiency. Here’s a look at what came home with me.
If you’ve been twiddling with the idea of attending an IMATS event, I would highly recommend you do so once in your life. Even if not for the shopping (and discounts *ahem*), to be surrounded by passionate people is a beautiful thing.


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