Review: HD Primer "Mauve" | Make Up For Ever

Love ’em or hate ’em, foundation primers are often touted as an essential step to starting off your makeup for the day. Over the years, I’ve grown a little apathetic to primers mainly because their thicker silicone textures didn’t sit well with my acne prone skin. But a beauty blogger never gives up and today’s contender is the Make Up For Ever High Definition Primer.

Brand: Make Up For Ever
Product: HD Primer* in “Mauve” #02
Variation: 7 colours, 6 tinted 1 clear
Size: 30ml
Price: $39CAD
Availability: Sephora & select Make Up For Ever Boutiques
Would I (re)purchase: Undecided.

Slim, sleek and housed in a frosted plastic bottle, this primer is part of Make Up For Ever’s iconic HD range which now consists of primer, foundation, blush and powder. The twist to this product however is that there are a total of 6 colour adjusting shades to choose from in addition to the invisible primer.
  • #00 NEUTRAL | Adds natural luminosity
  • #01 GREEN | Minimizes redness
  • #02 MAUVE | Illuminates muddy complexions, minimizes yellow tones
  • #04 CARAMEL | warms and enhances medium skin tones, illuminates darker complexions
  • #05 BLUE | Illuminates fair skin and minimizes slight redness
  • #06 YELLOW | Lightens dark complexions and yellowish skin tones
  • #07 PINK | Adds radiance

    The packaging itself is rather large for 30ml of product and makes traveling a little less convenient but it has a precision pump that I really appreciate as I can dispense as little or as much product with equal ease.

    Marketed as a light weight, non-greasy, oil-free primer with hydrating properties the texture of this primer is very likeable. Similar to a lightweight creamy lotion, the formula smoothed easily onto my skin and did not exasperate any dry patches (especially around my nose). No need to wait as absorption is immediate and this leaves a comfortable dry to the touch finish on the skin.

    Now I do think it’s worthwhile mentioning that although this is a water based product, there is still a heavy dose of silicone in this primer (have a look at the ingredients list further down). This may or may not be an issue for you although the lightweight consistency prevents this from feeling uncomfortable and slick like many full silicone formulations.

    The idea of a tinted primer is nothing new but it still seems to be a concept that perplexes people. My option in this primer is #02 Mauve but I could have easily worn #05 Blue or even #07 Radiance.
    For a moment, I had worried that this would either leave me purple or do nothing at all but as you can see, when swatched on my skin (above) that it is simply a translucent lavender tint. The results are surprisingly clear in the photos below. While my skin tone isn’t very sallow, I do have some notable unevenness especially when compared to my chest. With just the Make Up For Ever primer alone, it helped to brighten those areas and create a more uniform tone overall and with foundation on top, dare I say my skin looks rather pretty!

    Two things to note there. One, this primer will slightly change the finish of your foundation into a more velvety look. I had worn a rather glowy base on top of this and found that this did change the final finish on my skin. Two, is that this primer with it’s silicone ingredients will diminish the effectiveness of your water-resistant or waterproof foundation as it’s now sitting on the primer instead of directly on your skin.

    As the day wore on, the addition of this primer did add a few extra hours to the long-lastingness of my base makeup although I wouldn’t say it would be enough on it’s own if you have very temperamental or oily skin. What this seemed to do was create a barrier between my skin and my foundation so that the skins natural oils do not seep through and dissolve your base makeup.

    And unfortunately this is exactly where I ran into a speed bump. Happy I was with the way this smoothed out my skin texture irregularities and evened out my complexion, I can not wear this every day without eventually ending up with a few spots. The fact that this really coats my skin, especially with the high silicone content, still aggravated my acne prone skin type.

    For colour correcting, smoothing out skin texture and enhancing the photogenic quality of your base makeup, the Make Up For Ever HD Primer does an excellent job. I loved the light weight feel of the formulation and even the slight (banana?) scent of it. This is still a product that I would keep around for photo shoots, special events or filming but everyday wear is out of the question due to skin incompatibility. If you are having similar issues with this, try using the HD Powder in conjunction with the Mist & Fix spray instead. All other skin types, ask for a sample at your local Sephora and try it out!
     I have also reviewed the HD Powder and the HD Second Skin Cream Blush.

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