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If there’s one thing that still really terrifies me about makeup, it’s sculpting. Despite watching countless tutorials of contouring and highlighting, it’s never quite the same on my own face. Luckily for me, Sephora had teamed up with Make Up For Ever to offer us sculpting novices a chance to learn from the professionals in an one on one consultation.
A special booth was set up at the front of the store, Glamcor lights were ready to go and the artist’s counter was filled with old favourites and new surprises. Seen here in the group photo are the Face & Body Foundation, HD Primer, Mist & Fix, HD Second Skin Cream Blush (reviewed) and the star of this event, the newly expanded Sculpting Duo.

The face that greeted me in the makeup chair was a warm and familiar one. Heather Nightingale is the Western Regional Manager for the brand as well as their National Pro Educator. To me however, she was one of the big reasons that I delved into beauty head first. About 8 years ago, when Make Up Forever was still available at The Bay, Heather had been the first one to ever do my makeup and her warmth and enthusiasm has stuck with me to this day.

I had already applied some light powder foundation that morning, so Heather just refreshed my skin with a spritz of their reformulated Mist & Fix setting spray and then a dusting of HD Pressed Powder (reviewed). A final spritz would be added after the sculpting was finished, therefore really “sandwiching” the makeup in place.

Before putting any colour to my face, it was important to access what we’re working with and this meant having a good hard look in the mirror and finding my face shape. Make Up For Ever generally categorizes faces under 7 shapes but it’s not uncommon for people to fall within two categories. While I assumed that my face was rather long, Heather also pointed out that because I have wider cheekbones and a slightly slimmer chin, I also fall under heart shaped.

We used Sculpting Duo in Shade #02 and the Double Ended Sculpting Brush

Here’s a few of Heather’s tips to make sculpting a little more approachable:

  • Three basic rules: right product/tools, right colour, blend blend blend!
  • Highlighter should be enhancing but not glaring. Unless you are going on a photoshoot or are walking the red carpet, you don’t need the full KimK method for everyday.
  • A highlighter with a satin finish is easier to work with because you can wear it as it or choose to add a sheen afterwards with a second product. Going straight in with a shimmer product to highlight can get out of hand…fast.
  • Start from the far side of your face right above the ear and brush inwards at an angle towards the center of the face. It’s important to start with a miniscule amount of product then blend and add as you go. If you’re not blending throughout then the tell-tale stripe is bound to show up.
  • Add a sweep of highlighter under your cheek contour and then another sweep of contour along the jawline. This “sandwich” method really helps to bring out your facial features.
Make Up For Ever products are currently exclusively at Sephora and all free standing boutiques.


After such a thorough lesson with Heather, I feel a little firmer in my grip with sculpting and contouring. She even taught me how to change up the shading slightly when I wear my hair up or when I’m filming a video. No racoons stripes here ladies and gentlemen.

I shall leave you with this lovely group photo of us along with the #getsculped model who handed out Make Up For Ever samples and showed off his sculpted abs. My sculpting powder is on it’s way through the mail and we shall resume this topic with a review and possibly a tutorial.



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