Haircut | Long Layers & Full Fringe @ Muse Salon + Video

Saturday afternoon was a gorgeous one. Neither too hot nor too windy, it was that cusp of summer that makes one want to hop down the street swinging their hair. Speaking of hair, I also spent a little time over at MUSE Salon to get a warm weather hair update.

3020 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada. V5Z 2V9
(between W14th & W15th Ave.)
Tel: 604-876-5580
Stylist: Kazue

Since I like to keep my hair medium to long, I space my visits every 5-6 months when my previous cut has grown out beyond my styling capabilities and I need a fresh new look. This time, I brought along my camera and the very accommodating staff at MUSE let me film a short video to bring you all along for the experience.

One of the snags that often result in a less than happy haircut experience is the miscommunication between what you mean and what your stylist thinks you mean. To make things easier, I always try to scavenge for photos that reflect the general finished look I want. If you can’t find a perfect representation of what you have in mind, don’t be afraid to bring in several photos if each one has a certain element you want in your final style.
Here are the two photos I brought in, clipped from a few of my own Japanese magazines. As summer seemed like the perfect time for a more playful look, I decided to go back in for a full fringe while taking a few inches off the length. My stylist Kazue suggested we still keep the longer length but cut in shorter layers throughout and bring more texture to my hair for volume.

A few key points to my final cut:
  • A fuller fringe helps to balance a longer face shape like mine but keep the sides of the fringe longer and tapered (instead of straight across the forehead) still helps to give the illusion of a smaller face.
  • After wet cutting the general length and style of my hair, my hair was dried and then texturized to add “hidden volume” on the inside as layering on the outside can give frizz. This helps to give more natural looking body to my hair without the need to use mouse or tease my hair all the time.

Of course the responsibility that comes with owning a fringe is the constant upkeep. I do plan on keeping the look for a least a month or two so a few trim sessions are inevitable (a DIY post perhaps?) but I’m looking forward to nourishing this hair into something long and lush for the winter.


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