Korean Beauty | Etude House New Beauty Releases

With the weekend just within reach, I think it’s safe to send this post your way, full of brand new releases from one of my favourite Korean brands Etude House. Not only is their brand concept fun and playful bu0 their constantly developing range of product always keep me coming back. Here’s a look at a few items that caught my eye and for all you online beauty shoppers out overseas, you can find everything through eBay, online boutiques like W2Beauty, Gmarket or Korean Depart.


With sheet masks being the staple in many people’s skincare routines for their ease of use and fast working effects, Etude’s new generation of masks now come in a gel sheet. Infused with skincare ingredients ranging from deep moisture to pore tightening, they come in a boxed set of 5pc and because there are no liquids to worry about dripping down your chin, you are free to get back to business without missing a beat. These will also make excellent airplane treats during long flights when you really prefer not to make a big fuss while wearing a mask.

A new wave of primers seem to have hit the market, this time with a focus on anti-pollution properties and urban stressors. The Dust Cut line (which also includes a face spray) is formulated to act as a protective barrier against dust and other potentially harmful particles floating in the air. The key is to prevent them from adhering to the skin in the first face so they can also be rinsed off easily during cleansing.
Etude’s Collagen Moistful line is one of their top selling series of products featuring super powered collagen to plump and hydrate the skin. With that, they’ve recently added a CC Cream containing 30% of this much loved ingredient which has a sheer to light coverage and will help extend the hydrating effect of your moisturizer.
Perhaps it’s the pretty pink packaging or maybe it’s the wearable coverage but Etude’s Precious Mineral BB series has truly taken the beauty market by storm ever since it’s launch. It’s gone through at least 4 re-releases and it’s latest reincarnation is called Blooming Fit which boasts oil balancing effects while still providing a glowy look with pearl extracts.
Thin in texture with good coverage and a lightweight feeling, this new Skin Fit foundation seems like a great summer option especially for those living in very hot climates. From swatches I have seen online, the texture is quite thin and it has a slightly powdery dry down similar to that of Benefit’s Oxygen Wow Foundation.




Must. Try. These. Pencils. While the idea of lip pencils and eye pencils are nothing new, I am all ears on this collection of 50 shades of multi-use coloured pencil products. Even better, they have hired super blogger and makeup artist PONY to help create various fun looks using only these pencils for colour. Slim and easy to travel with, finishes range from sparkle to creamy shades and it seems that many colours can be used for multiple areas of the face. (Swatches

Now that I’ve got your attention, which product would you try?


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