The Great Maskcapade | Are you doing it right?

Face masks. We all have a few of them lying around the house. From hydrating formulas to zit zapping concoctions, they’ve become the new staple in our modern skincare wardrobes. I’ve always thought of them as indulgent treats for those weary days when my skin needs a wake up call but perhaps there’s more to it. 
Watching a beauty talk show a few weeks ago, one of my beauty idols Shu Qi revealed she masks every single day to keep her skin plump and ready for the cameras. Even pro makeup artist Lisa Eldridge masks multiple times a week and recommends we do so as well for the best effect (see video). In fact, Lisa has divulged she’s been known to mask 3 times a day if she has special plans ahead! So now this begs the question….
Are face masks the new superhero product?
How often do you mask and what is your mask philosophy?


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